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Thread: VOTE NOW!

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    The polls have opened for the election of two new board members for the Arkanasas Geocaching Association. The polls are open for 30 days (until May 30).

    Don't procastinate!

    VOTE TODAY ! ! !

    Exercise your right and responsibility as a member of ArkGeo!

    To vote, you must be a registered voting member of ArkGeo. To cast your vote, select the Registered Voting link in the menu under the Site Features located in the upper left margin of this page.

    VOTE! -- ORR
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    Just a reminder to VOTE!
    The Voting is under way and it is easy and painless to make your choices. This is just one of many ways to be a part of Geocaching in Arkansas.
    Voting ends on May 30, 2008, Please Vote Now!
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