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Thread: Voter Registration

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    Voter Registration

    Just wanted to remind everyone that Board elections will be starting on May 1st. If you have not registered as a voting member of ArkGeo yet, I want to encourage you to do so.

    You must be registered to vote in the elections and registration is easy! Just click the "Registered Voting" link and then click "Voter Registration".

    Thanks for being a part of Arkansas Geocachers Association!!!

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    Please register to vote in the upcoming ArkGeo Election. Voting for whom you think will be the best choices for the Board is a right given to us by the bylaws. Your vote is another way helping guide the direction and accessibility of ArkGeo Board. Yes, this is your right and only you have the power to use it. So please register to vote.

    The election process is your right just as it is granted by the constitution, so I am asking you to register and let your voice be heard.

    Thank you
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    You may ask," Why should I bother to register? Why should I take the time?" This is important because it will help shape your association. it is the members of this group that make it what it is. Becoming more involved will give us all a better association that can positevly promote geocaching in Arkansas.

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    Hey all! I just registered to vote, and I wanted to say thanks to Hick, for reminding me to do this. I didn't understand that just becuse I am a member, that I wasn't registered to vote. It was much easier than registering for the draft.
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