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Thread: Arkansas Caches: How Can We Get MORE of Them?

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    Well I took up the challenge and got another cache placed this weekend. It is in the approval process now, but hopefully it will be ready to go later today. Thanks for the challenge!


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    It must have worked

    Gaddiel, I guess the challenge worked because by my count there have been 12 new caches posted and approved just since Friday. And two of those were placed in a county that had no caches. Thanks for the challenge.

    BTW: I got mine out, but very sorry to hear about the one you lost to the local police.

    Count of counties with 0 caches is 12:

    Ashley 0 SE
    Bradley 0 SE
    Calhoun 0 SW
    Columbia 0 SW
    Cross 0 NE
    Howard 0 SW
    Jefferson 0 SE
    Lafayette 0 SW
    Monroe 0 NE
    Phillips 0 NE
    Poinsett 0 NE
    Woodruff 0 C
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    I did a bit of research (it was hard with the website so slow) and found that most of the cache owners in the SE region are inactive and haven't logged onto the website in months. I emailed them. I think 1 person (who I figured was active) emailed me back.

    One of the caches also appears to be missing although it's not disabled.

    I'll doublecheck everything and post what I found. I'm inviting anybody that replies to check out this website.


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    Okay, my eye is functional again and we have now met the challenge! I know it's a bit past the deadline, but I had an excuse!

    I just submitted a cache to begin a new series around that up and coming cache mecca, Jacksonville... called "JJR #1 - I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!" soon to be followed by more Jville excitement!

    STAY TUNED . . .

    topkitty98, markrocks, with a little help from geo-j

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    You guys ROCK! Keep 'em coming!

    We've got ideas for at least 10 new ones, but it will probably be a while before we implement them.
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    New cache in NLR

    I have started working on a 2 stage multi in NLR off the River Trail. Hopefully I can get it finished and up within the next couple weeks.

    It will be a 2/4 cache involving some minor rock climbing to an interesting water feature, that I discovered when returning from another cache in that area.

    Also I am planning on getting the BP Mystery cache back up this weekend. I still haven't reconfigured it from the event.

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