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Thread: Out of caching for a while...

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    That's a really interesting project idea! Unfortunately, I've just been contacted by someone else desperately in need of a temp loaner unit so considering the plethora of better offers you have before you, I'm going to withdraw mine and loan it to somebody else.

    Good luck though!

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    I really appreciate the offer you put out there for me. I think some of the best people are cachers!! Mabe I can test that unit later and then add it in with the rest. Probably what I will do is take each unit and find the same caches with them under similiar conditions to see how each performs and then rate them on performance and featues and price. I think it will be an interesting poject to undertake. What do ya'll think??

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    Hey buddy! We seem to do O.K. with just one GPSr! I think we have found about a hundred with me on the GPSr, and you on the pda! Seems like you actually find most of them too! So I can get us close, and you can nail it!HAHA! Let me know when you are ready to go!
    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only more cowbell!!

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