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Thread: National Trails Symposium: Little Rock

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    National Trails Symposium: Little Rock

    I've been asked to share the following information with Arkansas Geocaching Association members:


    My name is Susann Walters and I am a geocacher here in Arkansas. I am also on the planning committee for the National Trails Symposium to be held in Little Rock November 15-18.

    I would like to extend an invitation to your organization to join us at the symposium. Here is a link with more info on the symposium:

    I am trying to get geocaching integrated into at least one of the workshops at the symposium. Volunteers are also needed in different areas and they can use the website link for this.

    I appreciate your time and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Also, I inquired about the cost to attend. Here is that information:

    The Symposium will be open to the public and will be free ONLY on the opening day, Saturday, November 15th from 3:00 - 6:30 pm. This is where they will be able to roam the exhibit hall. Mobile workshops will need to be signed up for and paid in advance. Concurrent sessions will not be taking place on Saturday.

    After that, people will need to register to attend either the exhibit hall or mobile workshops, featured workshops, general sessions (such as the luncheon and dinner banquet), and concurrent sessions. These all DOES cost money. They can get either single day packages or a full registration package for the entire 3 days and for whatever days paid for, those prices include the concurrent sessions and luncheons or dinners being held that day. Featured and mobile workshops are a separate price. Full packages range from $325 - $450. Single day packages range from $135 - $175 (this might change slightly as we have not confirmed this pricing yet).

    We do have a student registration fee of only $225 for the entire event if they are a full-time student.

    We also have volunteer opportunities and we are in need of a LOT of volunteers. For every 4 hours worked, volunteers can attend a concurrent session for free. Workshops are extra though. You can contact me if you'd like more information on volunteering or to get on the list. Volunteers range from helping at the registration desk, being at the Little Rock information booth (for those who know a lot about the area and the trails), setting up and breaking down the exhibit hall, etc., helping out during concurrent sessions, etc. It is a great opportunity and such a fun experience to volunteer.

    And when you ask if the public can attend the workshops -- I am not sure if you mean the mobile workshops or the concurrent sessions (sometimes people get these confused). The public can attend the workshops if a) they either pay for those days or have a full registration paid for or b) if they paid and signed up for those mobile workshops.
    If you have any interest in attending or volunteering, you can visit their web page at or email Susann: skwalters (at) comcast (dot) net

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    National Trails Symposium $325 - $450
    Garmin Colorado GPS $400 - $600
    Saving the pennies so wife doesn't beat me about the head and shoulders:

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    Aw! Come on! Why not use your $600 (or $1200 for couples filing together) tax rebate coming in May??? Uncle Sam is depending on YOU to spend it!
    "Wildness is a necessity." -- John Muir

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    You are absolutely right! It is my duty as an American citizen to help our stalled economy! I accept my responsibilities and will act forthwith!

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