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Thread: Trying to keep up...

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    Trying to keep up...

    ...with what's goin' down.

    I am an avid outdoors person (mountain biking, trail running, hiking, kayak and canoeing, kite flying, geocaching, etc.). I'm also the Marketing & Revenue manager for Arkansas State Parks, yeah, sweet. Anyway, as geocaching is becoming more popular in the parks, I am getting more involved. If you have ideas, questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

    [email protected]

    I hope I can help. See you in the parks!
    I am also known as Arkansas State Parks

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    Welcome to the sport. If you like the outdoors like you say you do then you will like this very much.

    If you work for who you say you do then maybe you could tell us about the top secret stuff that the parks are putting on for geocaching this year. I do know they're planning something but they are hush hush. All I was told was to keep watching the website.

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    Not so much hush, hush but still trying to figure it out. At first we were looking at a launch that included the purchase of 5000 geocoins. Talk about expensive. So we scraped that idea and are currently looking at something like the Cache across America deal. Still in the planning phase though.

    We are currently working on updating the park directive on geocaching since the sport/activity has grown so much in the last few years.

    A copy of it can be found here. Feel free to start a thread in the Arkansas Geocaching board to let me know of changes you think we need.

    Also, I may be asking for help soon in placing caches at some of the more obscure, unmanned parks.
    I am also known as Arkansas State Parks

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    Two words:


    We need some caches there. Most of us will travel to any area that has enough caches that we can grab 10 or so in a day. Caches along a walking trail work great. It gives us a tour of the park and some caches as well.

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    I love the idea of placing caches in some of the more obscure parks. Arkansas has so many great spots that, in some cases, even the locals don't know about. I think you'll find that most cachers are eager to help do most anything that will help promote this sport/game/addiction!

    Tim Stone

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    i love the idea of placing caches in areas of the state that are cache poor. I gladly volunteer my services to help in any way needed. I also second OEnavigator in thanking the Arkansas State Parks for their acceptance of geocaching in the parks. Arkansas State Parks and Geocaching. There's nothing better.

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    Thank you very much EXTREME TREK for giving us Arkansas Geocachers a heads up on the Parks and Recreation Dept.'s thinking on This Great Geocaching experience.

    We are more than willing to help out in any way we can to distribute geocaches where ever the Dept. would like them placed.

    We have been thinking about trying to get more Caches out in the areas that currently do not have many or any caches.

    Our goal is to make caches available to potential new geocachers close enough to their home coordinates to get them starting geocaching and maybe grow this hobby/sport/activity even larger.

    This sounds like a great opportunity to expand geocaching throughout ARKANSAS.

    Thanks Again.

    Ted Roberts

    AKA Searcykid

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    I love to see caches in the parks. It is such a great way to get my family outside to do things. The kids love caching and treasure hunting (going though the swag) and I love seeing the cache locations.

    I'd like to put a cache or two at Jenkins Ferry SP in Grant county. I used to spend a lot of summer days there swimming when I was a kid.

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    I am brand new to geocaching, as of today. I live in the Pine Bluff area and would love to be a part of getting some cache's out in Southeast Arkansas. My daughter and I need a hobby, and so we thought since we love the outdoors and are free to do whatever we want on the weekends that this could be great exercise and fun for us. I need ideas.

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