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Thread: how to transfer caches?

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    how to transfer caches?

    southerngirl and I decided to combine our accounts to make it easier for logging and keeping track of our caches. How do we transfer ownership of her caches to my account? I searched the groundspeak forums and did not find any info on it. Thanks for the help.

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    Log onto the account you are no longer going to use and you will have to adopt them using this link: Just put in the GCnumber for the cache you want adopted and click Lookup. That will take you to the next page where you put in the name of the account that will be adopting the cache. Then you will have to log on to the account adopting the cache and go to the same link and follow the same process. Hope this helps.

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    I posted a thread under the General Discussion section of the Forums a couple of months ago on how to adopt a cache. You might check that out, but basically, it's the same as the information that idratherbehiking provided. Good luck!
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