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Thread: Starting them off right

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    Starting them off right

    Our daughter has a birthday this month and last night she had a sleepover with 6 of her friends.

    We decided to introduce her friends to geocaching, so we set up 4 temporary caches on the property of some friends. We also let our friends children in on the hunt to let them see a little bit about what geocaching was about.

    Two of them were ammo cans full of candy and two were micros. The micros had coupons for them to go rent some movies and get some pizza for the sleepover.

    One micro was in the bottom of a hollow log that fit right over a stump and looked natural.

    We had a lot of fun watching them and we think they had a lot of fun looking.

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    what a neat idea! We introduced caching to my neices a couple of years ago but not like that.We just loaded up the gps and away we went. :P

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