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Thread: Suggestions for #1000.

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    Congratulations on your 1000th find. I have not been up there to get that cache yet but have been to the crag several times in the past. This is a place that everyone should visit. Maybe someone will hide some more caches in that area for us to find.

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    Okay, folks, we've found another truly fascinating spot! This past Sunday, we made the trek to Hudson Shelter Falls. WOW! The terrain is rated a 4, but the hike was not bad at all. The road was probably the worst part of getting there. It is a peaceful, tranquil, gorgeous valley with huge boulders, flowing creeks, then you get to the falls. WOW

    Gotta do it, ya'll!
    I'm thinking that anything by Captain Atom is out of this world. I'd really like to meet him. Every one of his we have done is outstanding.

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