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Thread: Mississippian to visit Arkansas

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    Mississippian to visit Arkansas

    Planning a trip with my wife for our anniversary to Hot Springs Nov 16 -19 and hope to make a trip up to Petit Jean the 17 or 18th.

    Trying to entice a couple other MS folks to come up too. Just a warning. LOL

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    Welcome to Arkansas and Hot Springs. You will find some nice caches in Hot Springs and Petit Jean. Petit Jean is one of our favorite State Parks. It has some great trails and caches.
    Hope you have fun.
    Happy Anniversary

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    Thanks cachemates!

    Yea we when there (Hot Springs) on our honeymoon in 2000 and again the next year. Really enjoyed it. We just bought a little camper and figured it was a good place to "break it in".

    My wifes not a big cacher but she enjoys going with me sometimes. A few of us got off topic in the Mississippi forums and started talking about Petit Jean. Figured I'd start a new one and commit to our date.

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