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Thread: All 4 SCCC caches muggled in one day.

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    I have given some consideration to making them Members only caches, but I am hesitant to do so. I like as many people as possible to find & log my caches. I just recently became a Premium Member to take advantage of the Pocket Queries. It is still an option, but only as a last resort. If it happens again, I would probably go that direction. I like the idea of a puzzle cache. I may try that on one of them. That requires a little more time & planning, and my time is pretty limited at the moment. Right now, I am hoping to get them back up & running next Monday, Oct 8th. Wish me luck!

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    Parker went cacheing today and looked for "Luck be a (lady)Bug".....


    So he went to check ours in the same park (There are Otters Where?).....


    He also went to another one in Benton (,No Smoking Please) it was a Mirco) and it was gone too. It was also one of Deezers.

    We havn't gone to Mills Park yet so hopefully they are all still there. But if anyone is in that area....fill free to check for them.


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    oh boy, this aint looking good. when this started happening to me and some other cachers in Colorado, we met to discuss our options. in the end, we just decided that we would place 2 caches for every one that was stolen.
    the problem went away shortly thereafter. we never found out who was stealing caches, but assumed it was some kids, and that they grew bored with it after a while. but we dont know for sure why it stopped..just glad that it did.

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