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Thread: Where are *you* caching this Labor Day weekend?

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    Where are *you* caching this Labor Day weekend?

    So we've had a break from the heat and are in for a lovely Labor Day weekend.

    I am staying in town (Hot Springs) but plan to do some half-day caching trips on Sunday and Monday...though I'm not sure where yet. Was considering hitting a few clusters around the state park part of Lake Ouachita, etc.

    Where are some of you caching this weekend?

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    Not quite sure if we will cache or not, but I may try and at least go check on a few of mine. It will give me a good reason to try out the way my caches are set up on my gps.
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    We're going to Tulsa to see Ellen's brother and family. I'm sure we'll grab some while we're there. Our four year old niece likes the treasure hunt.
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    We hid 4 new ones today but may not find any over the weekend.

    Monday's our anniversary so doing our first ever canoe trip to celebrate! Depending on the weather - may try to get a local find in on Sunday.
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