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Thread: Kicking around an idea.....

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    Kicking around an idea.....

    about having a geocaching campout the last weekend of September at Lake Ouachita. It'll probably be at the Cedar Fourche rec area. It is primitive camping so there are no rv pads or electricity but the COE built nice new restrooms and showers this spring. I think it is sill a no fee area also. I'd like to camp out Friday night and do some things on Saturday.

    Give me some feedback on it.

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    my only experience with geocaching campouts come from Colorado, where teamGPSaxophone hosts a campout event every year on the 4th of July.
    i attended the 2nd one 2yrs ago, and we had about 17 families camping for 3 days at a NF campgound. a headcount on saturday came up with 70 people in attendance. (a lot of people just drove in for the event on saturday but did not camp). it was a huge success, and has only grown larger each year.
    you could contact Saxman of teamgpsaxophone with any questions about logistics in putting together one of these campouts. there was plenty to do...lots of stuff for kids, hikes, cookouts, raffles, night caches, etc.
    i think it is a great idea.

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    This sounds like a blast! Would love to go camping and have a fun geocaching weekend.

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    You are so lucky. Have watched these for the last few years, but have not had the opportunity to attend. The event calendar on might be something to copy for this site. Many great events out here.

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