ArkGeo Board Meeting was called to order on Friday, June 29, 2007 by Wayne Lunsford.

The following members were in attendance in person:
Daniel, Beth
Lunsford, Wayne
Philpott, Frank
Slaughter, Max
Swanson, Rich
Turner, Jerry
Vaughn, Pat
These members were in attendance by teleconference:
Drake, Bert
Wright, Gunnar

Minutes of the last meeting of the steering committee were read and approved.

I. Beth Daniel reported that we have $2403.96 in our bank account.
Monthly service charge of $10 will apply until such time as documentation
of our non-profit status is provided to the bank.
II. Bert Drake reported on the status of our web site. An election
administration area has been added and issues with the newsletter
function appear to have been resolved, enabling batch emails to be
sent to members. (Yeah, Bert!)

Committee/Other Reports:
I. Non-profit status report (Wayne)
1. All official documents of ArkGeo were reviewed.
2. It was decided that we will make membership certificates
available to members for download.
3. Changing ArkGeo's bank account to new EIN was discussed. It was
decided that Beth would take care of this matter.
4. Membership - We discussed ways to make membership status and
registration procedures more obvious to web site users. This
discussion was tabled to allow the Website Manager time to
research and present available options.

Special Orders of Business:
I. Elect Executive Committee (Duties of each office are found in Article
V, Section 1 - provided to each Board member)
The following nominations were made:
1. President: Wayne Lunsford
2. Vice President: Rich Swanson
3. Treasurer: Beth Daniel
4. Secretary: Pat Vaughn
5. Website Manager: Bert Drake
The slate of officers was accepted by acclimation.

Unfinished Business:

New Business:
1. New Board members drew lots for terms of office.
Two year term was drawn by Rich Swanson. Three year terms were
drawn by Frank Philpott, Jerry Turner, and Pat Vaughn.
II. Board member packets were reviewed. (Vision & Mission State-
ments, Bylaws)
III. Bylaws revision:
1. Propose rewording of V. 4 to read, "The Board will appoint a
Website Manager. Unless already an elected member of the
Board, the Website Manager shall become a de facto, non-
voting member of the Board." This was accepted as proposed.
IV. Annual General Membership Meeting
1. Establish Date and Location: Tabled until discussion of new
V. Development of Standing Rules:
1. A standing rule was adopted that ArkGeo will not contribute to
member - sponsored events. Members who would like ArkGeo to
consider hosting something as an ArkGeo - sponsored event
should contact the Events Committee.
2. Propose changing logo usage guidelines. After much discussion,
it was decided to retain original wording on logo usage as
referred to in the Bylaws.
3. We discussed methods for announcing upcoming Board
meetings to the membership and agreed to post future meeting
dates, times, and locations to the web site. Members who
wish to be heard during the meeting may request to be added
to the agenda by contacting any Board member.
4. The Board discussed the possibility of implementing nominal
dues, but decided that dues were not needed. All future
fund-raising efforts should be addressed by the Fund Raising
5. Disabling or purging web site accounts that have not been used
for over two years. Accounts inactive for over two years with no
forum posts will be deleted.
6. Will we sponsor an annual CITO event? If so, location and date?
Refer this to Events Committee.
IV. Next meeting time and place for Executive Board - This item was
tabled and this information will be announced as soon as it has been

The Board of Directors has chosen to form the following four committees at this time. These positions will be filled from the general membership.

I. Election Committee: Responsible for recommending committee
members to the Board as well as recommending those to run for
Executive Board.
II. Event Committee: Responsible for planning and coordination of
Annual General Membership meeting and any other ArkGeo-
sponsored events such as CITOs.
III. Fund Raising Committee:
IV. Community Relations Committee: