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Thread: JAKE'S Event - 2007

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    WOW: That sounds like a great idea to me. Teach the kids how not to get lost if they have a GPSr. You must be selling GPSrs or you might want to take a few with you to this event to sell. I can just see the parents wanting to get one to hang around their kids neck everytime they go camping or hunting, setting the waypont of camp or car and teaching the kids how to use the GPSr to find there way back if they get lost. I have heard of a lot of fatal cases of lost kids that could have been different if the parents had known about the GPSr and had learned to use it.
    This is the practical way to use a GPSr, Geocaching is the fun way.

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    Geezer - That idea may have been in the "crypt" but it is an outstanding idea and we love it!

    We would love to have you run your slideshow on your laptop and if you have the time you could oversee the game too. If that's not feasible - maybe someone else could do it? We do have some "camo" cloth that we can use as blindfolds!

    searcykids comments were right on the money! This is the perfect opportunity for a gps usage. The kids can go home and beg the parents for a gps and get them into geocaching also! That idea is excellent in this area because the Ozarks are hard to navigate. Guess that's why we really wished we had waymarked the car when we did "The Devil's Backbone" and had to walk a few extra miles because we didn't have a waypoint to go back to!

    We're going to be posting on the cache page what we have in mind and what we need for others to help out with so check there if you're planning on attending! We've reserved the Spring House (at the entrance of the park) for the day for all of us geocachers to use. Frig, stove, restrooms, tables, etc. so we can cool down, rest, eat or whatever there whenever we want to. We're getting very excited - for the 4th year in a row! This is such fun!
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    I just wanted to Thank Bob and Linda and everyone who helped with the event. I hope you enjoy having it as much as I enjoy going to it. I missed the first year(I hadn't started caching yet), but not since. It's not the biggest event, but it is the friendliest and that may have something to do with the host and hostess.
    I just wanted to thank the Dynamic Duo Bob and Linda for another GREAT EVENT.

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    I just wanted to say thanks to all those who helped put on another wonderful event again this year, we had an awesome time and enjoyed visiting with everyone.we hope to see everyone again real soon!!

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