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    International Cacher

    Well, I'm proud to say that I've become an international cacher! On May 21st I found "The Falls" (GCRRV6) in Ontario, Canada. Its not a night cache but I found it at night. The 21st was a Canadian holiday and we had crossed over into Canada to watch a fireworks show at Niagara Falls. After the show I searched out the cache. If you have an interesting or even not so interesting "International Caching" story, please post it here so everyone can read about it!
    // SLIM

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    Congrads, It is good that you were able to make good use of your trip. . I have a hard time just getting out of state. I went to Niagra as a child I still remember it as being a neat place.
    That's a lot of water going over them. I hope you enjoyed the trip and the cache.
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    Congratulations TTSlim on becoming an international cacher. Thats fantastic. Keep up the great work and happy caching.

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