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Thread: Flannelman's June Expedition

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    As bad as I want to come, it's probably going to be too hard for us to get there for the event. You guys take lots of pictures for us, ok?

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    If you missed this event, you missed a GREAT time. Will(flannelman) did an outstanding job getting this one organized and I appreciate his efforts and appreciate him choosing Searcy as the site for his June expedition. The newer Searcy cachers(KD5JNL, frojiles, searcykid, geojeepers, and skippypeanutbutter) went way above and beyond in placing several new caches that helped make for a fantastic day of geocaching afterwards and they should be applauded for a job well done. I hope everyone had as much fun as myself and I look forward to the next flannelman adventure.

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    Good food and Good cachers, What more could you ask for . Thanks for everyone who put out new caches and worked on the event, your work is very appreciated.

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    Thanks to Flannelman for hosting a great event to kick off an awesome day of geocaching. Thanks to all of the Searcy area geocachers who placed so many caches for us to find. I spent a day in Searcy back in November, got 30 finds and didn't have many unfound caches left in town. Seven months later, there were a ton of caches on my list. Thanks again guys.

    Yesterday was a very successful day as I set a personal best one-day total of 39 finds and I went over 600 total finds. I don't know what else to say besides I LOVE GEOCACHING!

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    Well I checked the log and there were 50 people that were signed in including myself. I think there were actually more than that because I'm pretty sure there were some kids that didn't get on the log.

    I am overwhlemed by the turnout for this event!! I never expected so many to show for an event that had no planned activites other than eating breakfast and talking about geocaching. I want to thank each of you for coming out to the event. Your participation is what really made the event happen, not my planning.

    Special thanks goes to Woodwalker9 and GeoJeepers for bringing door prizes and helping with some of the logistical obsticals. And a special thanks to all the Searcy area cachers for placing so many new caches for everyone to find.

    I had a great time caching on the bike trail. I pedaled a lot for the caches I found and had the trail to myself most of the time. When I did bump into other cachers they all had great things to say about the event. I managed to find 29 caches before burning out around 4pm, 4 short of 300 finds!! I just had to leave though. After having a great chat with the guy at the old village and finding the cache there I had planned to go for the 300 mark but just couldn't knowing I had a 2hr drive back home.

    Thanks again and I hope to see you all at the next event!!

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    sorry I didn't make the event. This is the busy time of the year for my work and I just couldn't get away. Thanks to Flannelman for picking Searcy for your June event and thanks for everyone who showed up to find our caches. I had 24 hits the first day and about the same the next day. With woodwalker's guidance we are trying hard to make this a great little geocache area. We've got a ways to go but we plan on keep fresh caches out as much as possible. Maybe I'll make the next event.
    As woodwalker would say," Above all, be safe, have fun, and happy caching."

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