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Thread: NWA Active Cachers

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    NWA cachers

    be sure to look out for us Catch-22 folks. We include hikerchiken, chevyhound, razorscuba, and several others including myself. We have been discussing having an event. So we will try to keep everyone posted.
    By the way, I love puzzle caches even if some (like your purple pelican) make me wonder if I am crazy. But I loved the cache
    We are manly in the fayetteville area but are willing drive miles, in darkness, rain or any other weather for great caches

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    I just found this forum. Just because cachers arnt on this web site doesnt mean there isnt any!!

    HA! and now we have our own forum... thanks TNT!!!
    Heck I heard there were 40 plus at the first NWA meet & greet event.
    I didnt make it but I will the next one!!

    NWA rocks!!!

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