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    Ok fellow NE AR cachers!

    I can see that we need to get better at posting on the "local" forum! All the other guys have new posts and we're lagging far behind! So this post is to update us in the standings!

    We'll post on the cache page too - but Tech Guy, we won't be able to make your event. We're really sorry as we'd love to be there! But took off the week for the Clarksville event, business, and the Burns Park event and can't really justify another weekend away.

    Have all of you done the Williford caches? We did the first group a few weeks ago and now need to go back since they've placed more! What a fun way to spend the day!

    Summer plans include back to Jonesboro and the lake caches and all the other goodies over your way. We have several new cachers here in Mountain Home and it's getting really worthwhile coming this way!

    Looking forward to a fun summer of caching!
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    We understand Cachecrazies, a lot of stuff going on this month!

    Broom Cemetery Cleanup

    The weather is not going to cooperate like I was hoping. I do have a contingency plan however. The road to the cemetery is not 2 wheel drive friendly so with the help of Captain B and Queen and a relative there will be two four wheelers that will act as ferries to and from the parking area to the cemetery. No one will have to walk and carry equipment! The walk is pretty enjoyable on a nice day so if you want to skip the ride we can carry any equipment you may bring for you.

    Home Depot has loaned a limb chipper and a gasoline powered hedge trimmer for the day! I have a friend who is doing the same. With two limb chippers I feel much better about what we will be able to do at this badly overgrown cemetery.

    If you plan on coming, I will be there at 8:00 and will stay as long as there is anyone willing to keep going. There will be bottled water and trail mix for snacks and hot dogs for lunch.

    The 4H club was contacted but it was too short notice for them to respond. This will be a yearly event until the cemetery is reclaimed. I anticipate next year the 4H club will be helping us and the event will be bigger and better each year. The county judge has promised to improve the road but was unable to in time for this event due to my procrastination. Next year I am hoping a two wheel drive vehicle will be able to drive to the cemetery with no problem.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it!

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