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    Realistic question for you cachers

    On Sunday, i am gonna hit as much of the state as possible to hit as many counties and Delorme pages and State Parks as possible. For you guys that have done these challenges.....what is a realistic...
  2. a follow up to this the... a follow up to this the people that have completed these 2.....Will I be able to locate a lot of the state park caches during the weekend or are their regular hours normally...
  3. Need Help please with finding GC code for 2 caches

    Hello again all! Recently rekindled my account and am looking forward to hitting the ground running as soon as i get my new GPS....come on Santa!!!

    What i needed please: I am trying to do the...
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    State Parks caches

    I have several questions...First I am about to start the State Parks, Delorme, and counties Challenge caches all at the same time but the State park Caches have the left 1/3 of the page cut
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