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  1. Ordinance declaring city Geocaching friendly.

    A city council member would like to prepare an ordinance declaring Harrison a Geocaching Friendly City. Does anyone know of other cities in Arkansas who have done this? Is there any way to get a...
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    I have Vista and a Z22 and they are compatible. ...

    I have Vista and a Z22 and they are compatible. I just upgraded my ETrex to a DeLorme PN40 and it is totally paperless. So if anyone is in the market for a Z22 let me know. I may be willing to...
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    Cemetery Caches

    I am a cacher in Harrison and looking for some information.
    I would like to place a series of cemetery caches in Boone County, but am not sure about who to or if I need to ask permission from...
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    Magellan GPS

    I would be weary of the Magellan GPS. We had one and it lasted one year, exactly! When we contacted Magellan they agreed it was under warranty and asked us to send it in. That is when the fun...
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