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The short answer...
We are just people who are interested in geocaching in the state of Arkansas.

Ok, here is our history...
When the Arkansas State Parks figured out there were some geocaches in their parks, they started trying to figure out what geocaching was. As a knee-jerk reaction, the park commission decided to ban geocaching in our state parks.

There was a huge turnout of geocachers at a public hearing to discuss the issue, and we managed to convince them that geocaching was park friendly, and we weren't going to be destroying the parks. As a result, they agreed to permit geocaches in the state parks, with some restrictions and regulation.

After the meeting several of us got to talking and we realized we needed a way to discuss local issues such as this, as well as coordinating local events, etc. That afternoon, I set up our Yahoo Groups discussion list, and shortly after, this web page.

Membership is open to anyone interested, and there are no fees.

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