» Moderator Guidelines

1. Act as a Mediator where needed and help facilitate discussions. Among a moderator's enforcement duties is often the duty to stop flaming and keep the board a friendly place and free of personal insults.

2. You are only to delete messages containing profanity, spam postings, or posts that disclose the tracking number codes for travel bugs. Other examples are discussed in the Forum Posting Guidelines. You cannot delete any statements simply because you personally disagree with them. Use moderator tools only if you absolutely need to. If there are any other posts or threads that you as the moderator feel need to be deleted you are required to bring it to the attention of the board first so that a group decision can be made on whether or not to delete the post or thread.

* Editing posts. In the event that a post is made that contains only some content that breaches forum rules, moderators can remove that content while still leaving any legitimate content.

3. You must move messages that do not pertain to the topic you are moderating into the correct forum.

4. Any serious problems with individuals posting messages on any of the forums on the ArkGeo website must be brought to the attention of the board so that immediate action can take place.

5. Failure to follow these simple rules and regulations may cause your moderator status to be revoked.

These rules and regulations may be subject to change and all moderators will be notified of such change(s) as they occur.

In short, you cannot delete any message solely on the basis that does not agree with "your" viewpoint. Moderation is not an attempt to censor any beliefs or opinions. We simply want to preserve the spirit of an open, interactive discussion.

We wish to allow all visitors and members on ArkGeo to voice their opinion on any topic open for discussion, and violating any visitor's chance to do so greatly reduces the whole concept of this site. Your main objective is to keep your forums clean for all ages to read, and equally important, to keep visitor postings within the topic open for discussion.

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