View Full Version : so what got you intersted in this hobby?

01-21-2007, 03:44 PM
Im new to this, im enjoying it quite well, sometimes frustrated, had a few laughs and already had a story, i havent shared yet........ But my main question is this? What got you interested in this?
I drive alot of miles across this state and read alot of bumper stickers and window decals. I would see a geocahing window sticker every now and then, and never gave it much thought, until i decided back during deer season id kinda like a gps to map hunting property we have, beyond that i honestly didnt take it much farther, until one morning on the way to one of my jobs a vehicle with a personalized plate passed me which read
"cacheme" a few minutes later another truck with a camper shell passed and it had a geocaching.com sticker in the back window!!!
so basically here i am nowadays on a big scavenger hunt, and having a pretty good time!!!!
by the way a note to AR-Kayaker.the day i signed the log to Taking over not only was i there, but a group of airmen who were way off track in directions a local had given them to T2 paintball in toneyville, about 9 of them where huddled in the bed of my truck that i had picked up in front of the old rec center. I got my cache and they got dropped off at the painball place........lol

01-22-2007, 05:06 AM
We do a lot of hiking and exploring as well as river running. Some friends with gps always were giving coords to places we thought we would like to visit, or put ins for a piece of river we were going to float. After not really being lost, but not knowing exactly where the car was on hikes I got a receiver.

Knew about caching before but once we did it a couple of times with the kids, they were hooked prolly more than I. Places we had not known exactly where they were, some we had heard of and tried to find, DNF, now with the garmin are right there. We find wonderful spots in the woods and a treasure chest to boot. Nice. My 2.5 year old was looking at pictures of glory hole on the computer and began telling a friend about the cache there. I was impressed.

So caching was a bonus I knew about to getting a gps. Turns out great for my younguns.