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11-19-2006, 08:44 PM
The Steering Committee met Friday, November 10th in Russellville. The meeting was attended by Wayne Lunsford (Gaddiel), Beth Daniel (TopKitty98), Gunnar Wright (ArkansasStickerDude), and Max Slaughter (poppy of Nonnipoppy). Bert Drake (Long_Dogs) was available by phone for part of the meeting.

Several issues were discussed during the nearly hour and a half meeting.

A decision was made to proceed with the incorporation of The Arkansas Geocachers Association. This required a check of $725 to be written from the bank account. This will pay for the attorney fees to completely finish the incorporation including the study of the proposed bylaws. It will also include our being able to use his office as our “Registerd Agent” for the first year. This “Registered Agent” service in each subsequent year will cost an additional $25. No further costs are foreseen in this matter.

The committee feels that the bylaws are finally finished and have passed them to the hands of the attorney to be certain they meet the legal requirements of the incorporation. The cost of this is included in the incorporation fees already paid. When the bylaws are determined to be satisfactory, they will be proposed to the membership for a vote. This is expected to be soon.

Some steps seem prudent at the election to insure the integrity of the vote. To maintain the integrity of the voting process, it is necessary to purify our membership list. This will be a simple operation, done by registration in a new voting module on this web site. Long_Dogs has been working diligently to write and implement this new module. As soon as testing is complete, this module will become active, hopefully within a week or so. Registration will be required in order to vote.

A period of 60 days is budgeted to allow all current members the opportunity to become registered as voting members and vote on the bylaws. The timetable then looks like this:

1. Final testing and activation of the voting module.
2. The attorney approves the proposed bylaws.
3. The bylaws are posted on this website for a vote.
4. Current members begin voting on the bylaws and registration as voting members allowing 60 days for completion.
5. Soon after the acceptance of the bylaws we will be selecting the members of the Board of Directors of the organization as called for in the bylaws. Board positions will be open to all voting members at the time of the nomination process.
6. As it sees fit, the Board will meet and make decisions on many issues facing the organization.

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