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08-21-2006, 09:36 AM
Ward Nail Park - Lowell
N 36 15.001 W 094 07.312

Come visit lovely Lowell, Arkansas.

This cache is located at the conceptual Ward Nail Park in Lowell, Arkansas. Currently, this is a flat plot of 74 square acres of open field with a few trees and a significant pond. Eventually this will be developed into a large city park, as you can see in the image gallery.

Ward Nail park is a 74 acre plot of flat open field with a few trees and a large pond that guarantee's a good fun catch. The park entrance is marked in RED on the image attached, and can be reached from McClure Rd. Don't be afraid to drive across this field. If you are in a low car, just take it slow and you won't have any problems. Follow the two-wheeled path until you reach a path of mowed grass (greener and lower than the surroundings). Continue to follow the path south until you are within 20 feet of the cache. There is one distinctly landscaped tree at the far south edge of this field, marked by the yellow star on the map. This is the area of the cache.

This cache is a 1.5 pound Daisey Sour Cream plastic container, approximately 4 inches in diameter by 6 inches tall. It has been painted camo brown, and has a Arkansas Geocachers Association logo affixed to the outside edge for identification.

Inside you'll find a log and compact pen, various small items, and a Travel Bug or two.
Please leave similar small items if possible.

This cache is located close to my house (approx. 200 yards), so if you're in the area and need a hint or want to meet a 21 year-old fellow cacher and his family, give me a call at: 479-586-4337


Conceptual Drawing:

Phase 1:

08-30-2006, 12:55 PM
Glad to see a few have visited. Anxious to see more activity in the area...will be placing new Micro-Caches in the area (10 mile radius or so) starting today! Keep an eye out!

Cache currently holds a Travel Bug. If someone doesn't beat me to it, I'll be moving it to Bentonville soon.....

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