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08-21-2006, 09:36 AM
I serve on the State Parks Recreation and Travel Commission and have been discussing Geocaching with them for some time. A few years ago we were successful in implementing a policy to allow Geocaching in the state parks.

We just finished our meeting for August in Eureka Springs and at that meeting it was announce publicly that the Arkansas tour guide would contain coordinates to the first of 6 caches to be placed around the state which will contain prizes donated by tourism partners, such as free lodging, etc. This is the first year of the program and we will be hoping for a great deal of participation and feedback.

The individual to contact for information would be Jana Greenbaum, who is the director of communications for the Department of Tourism. Her number is 501-682-7606. She also was instrumental in forming the idea and concept for this program and getting it approved.

By copy of this e-mail I will ask her to contact you with additional information, but you might want to contact her with an actual name for her to talk to.

Thanks for any assistance you can give in getting the word out when the tour guide hits the streets.

Wade A. Williams

P.O. Box 3039

Holiday Island, AR 72631


479-253-5833 (fax)

[email protected]

This was an email I got and it is so cool that the Big Wigs are getting involved now!!!!!!!

08-22-2006, 02:14 PM
Why the tour guide? I'd think the Adventure Guide would be more appropriate, but... eh... the tour guide's all about advertisements. I'm sure I'll be handing out a few hundred of them one way or antoher.

I bet I'll be excluded from them since I'm a state employee, especially since I'm a Dept. of Parks & Tourism employee.

Ah well... at least I get free camping and canoe or kayak rentals. :p