View Full Version : Steering Committee Report

08-11-2006, 01:01 PM
Here's a quick report from the ArkGeo Steering Committee.

Projects in Progress:

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission - ArkGeo committee has requested a meeting with AG&FC in September. If the meeting is approved, representatives from the committee will attend. If this meeting is public, we intend to invite ArkGeo members to attend.

Tax-exempt status - Arkgeo is in need of obtaining tax exempt status in order to properly account for monies received. This will involve becoming a non-profit agency. The committee is gathering information, paperwork, and knowledge to determine what is needed and how best to proceed.

Enhanced web site usefulness - We are looking at ways to make the ArkGeo site more useful, both to members and visitors. Suggestions have included developing a geocaching "manual" for new cachers, encouraging user-submitted articles, and expanding the "FAQ" section.

Event sponsorship - Committee is discussing the possibility of hosting or sponsoring an Arkansas cache event.

Online store - Committee is evaluating a third-party online store for ArkGeo merchandise.