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05-07-2006, 10:46 AM
EVIL! is dead, Long Live EVIL's Younger Brother!

GCNXEC was accidently left in Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. I will collect it when next I go there.

Listed 05/15/05, EVIL! made its way to quite a lot of events and has been logged 228 times so far.

The logs being overwhelmingly positive, I have reinvented it as EVIL's Younger Brother.

One of the issues with EVIL! was that the log filled up fast and had to be changed often, and I would sometimes be away from a PC and couldn't look up the GC waypoint number, therefore a lot of folks found it but didn't know how to log it.

Here's your chance - if you found EVIL! anywhere, the waypoint is GCNXEC, go ahead and log it for each time you found it.

EVIL's Younger Brother is also an Event Cache and can be logged each time you find it.

Have fun, I certainly have had a ball with it!

(This cache is grandfathered in, being created before the rules changed to prohibit such caches)

06-22-2006, 08:14 AM
Evil Cache died (again) at GW4, killed off, as were all Pocket Caches, in the hysteria that followed that event.

However, Evil Cache, The TB! lives!

Evil Cache is used as a teaching and social tool, and as a cache acrued the logs of hundreds of cachers in two dozen states who had fun finding it and maybe learned something along the way.

Revived as a TB, you won't get a smilie for logging it, but hopefully it will bring you a smile!

Anyone that logged Evil Cache the original is welcome to log TB# 461969.