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03-09-2006, 04:53 PM
I was sent to this site by NatureFish for a possible heads up for those in the area of this event on the cache run during / following the event. One of my goals is to attend an event in every state and this one is only 9 hours from me. It's a lot of road time but I have some fellow cachers that will be travelling with me and joining in the geo-caravan along the way.

I haven't pulled a pq as of yet but with the mention of a cache run, I was curious what area(s) it might include. One of the cachers in our group will surely reach his 1k mark and another may reach her 2k mark on this trip. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Les / cudlecub

03-11-2006, 07:53 PM
Hello, Les / cudlecub.

I've been out of town the last three days and just now read your message. I'm surprised someone hasn't already responded - we've got a good bunch of people on this board.

I am the one that volunteered to hide the poker-run caches. There will be seven of them and they will all be inside Petit Jean State Park. The park is between 2658 and 3471 acres in size, depending on who you ask. So it's either 4.1 or 5.4 square miles. Of course it's not a neat square - it has irregular boundaries. The park has a variety of scenic and interesting topographical features so be aware that a cache that appears to be only a half mile away may require 5 or 6 miles of driving to get to. I haven't hid the caches yet but my plans are to keep the hiding places within about 500 feet of a parking area as much as possible.

As far as existing caches, I think there are six in the park with a couple of others reasonably close. Of the six in the park, three are on or near the Seven Hollows Trail which is a 4 mile loop trail and the other three are on a trail that descends deep into a canyon so hunting these would require a considerable amount of time an energy for a relatively few caches, if you are trying to maximize your number of finds. However, for awesome natural beauty these are "Don't Miss" caches.

Below is a list of cities and zip codes you can use in your queries to plan any additional caching activity. Morrilton is the nearest city (and smallest) and is about 8 miles by crow flight and 20 miles by highway from the park. The mileages given are the approximate miles east or west of Morrilton along I-40.

72830 - Clarksville - 50 miles west
72801 - Russellville - 28 miles west
72110 - Morrilton
72032 - Conway - 18 miles east
72113 - North Little Rock - 45 miles east
72201 - Little Rock - just across the river from North Little Rock.

Clarksville and Russellville have really a tremendous number of caches for the size of the cities. Morrilton, just a few, Conway, quite a few, and Little Rock and North Little Rock a lot. This will show up in your pqs.

Burns Park in North Little Rock is a large municipal park, second only to Central Park in NYC in size for a city park. Burns Park has quite a few caches.

I hope this information helps. You can get more information about Petit Jean State Park here. (http://www.petitjeanstatepark.com/)

We are proud of Petit Jean State Park and look forward to seeing you here. Have a safe trip.

Guy Veazey aka geezer_veazey

03-12-2006, 07:59 PM
Hey ya'll!

Don't forget Jacksonville, about 10 minutes north of North Little Rock, and Searcy, about 35 minutes north of Jacksonville.

Can't forget us!


03-14-2006, 07:40 AM
For a cache run in your direction Little Rock would be your best bet.