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02-05-2006, 09:27 AM
i am setting at the house just getting ready eat supper when i get the call.it was 12bullfrog and he tells me that he has gotten stuck at the bottom of a big hill,on one of the many forrest service roads around.he had to bushwack to the top of a mountain to get cell service to call.he trys to tell me where he is at but i dont have a clue,so then it hits me....have you got your gps i ask and he says yes.well he gives me his coords and i see that he is a about 15 or so miles from my home. in the shady mountains.i tell him that i will be on the way shortly as soon as i find someone to help me.i enlist the help of my nephew and my brother to make the trip with me.me and my nephew are in the lead truck with me navigating on the gps and map.we both have cb radios in the vehicles to communicate on because the cell phones have lost all signal .it takes us about and hour to get to the area where 12bullfrog is located.my gps is telling me that we are about 0.10 from him.about that time we get a call on the cb and it is 12bullfrogs rider and they are wondering where we are cause it is dark and they are cold,i tell them that i am close,setting on a side road when bullfrog tells me the number of the forrest service road that he is on.and that is the road that we are setting on.we start in the road and go as far as we can and stop so we can make it back out and they bushwack out to us.they are glad to see us cause it would have been a long walk to any houses cause there arent that many houses out here.we have to leave the bullfrog mobile out there cause there wasnt any way we was gonna be able to get it out.so we load up bullfrog and his riders and take them to there home.my brother and my nephew had never really messed with gps's before that night but now they say they will have one for sure.they could not believe that we got that close without having any directions except the coords.so thanks to the sport of geocaching, 12bullfrog and his riders didnt have to walk this night.

02-05-2006, 04:32 PM
I just recieved a text message that they had finaly been able to get 12bullfrog's truck out of the mess it was in.
No word yet about what all they tore up getting his truck out of there.
They will have to get up in a mountain pass where they have enough signal to recieve my reply or to send more details.