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is that there new cache hunting ride?

01-28-2006, 06:03 PM
Well, the helicopter story goes like this. I (Jerry) was not feeling very well this morning, the Crud. (You know, sore throat, nose running) caught me by surprise on Friday. We wanted to see where the Money Mouse was running to even though we had decided not to chase it today. Unless it was really close by.
I had setteled in the recliner watching the birds and squirrels feed. Oh yea, watched a crow tear apart a squirrel nest. It was raining but not very hard, but the clouds were thick and low. I heard a helicopter coming in the distant. That is not unusual here, they fly over quite often. This one sounded different than all the others we have heard fly over.
I could tell it was very low and close by, I thought it had landed between my shop and my brothers house. I went to the door looked out but couldn't see it, but I could hear it running. I knew it was very close and on the ground. Now it's not every day we have a Blackhawk helicopter land in our backyard. I grabbed my camera, got on my 4 wheeler and went to check it out.
When I got there and saw the helicopter the first thing I thought was. OH, My Goodness. It's BPNJ and the Money Mouse. He has up-graded his Top-Down-Convertible for a Blackhawk helicopter. Or would that be a BlackPackinJack Helicopter.
Well that turned out not to be the case today. Maybe next time.
It turned out to be the Army National Guard from Jackson Mississippi going to Denver Colorado. They said the sky go to soupy and they had to set it down. They landed in an area where they had no phone service, so they sent one of the guys up on the mountain behind them searching for service. They were only there about 30 minutes. It sure did help to brighten our day around here.
I'm not giving up on the idea of BPNJ and his Money Mouse Helicopter.