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01-23-2006, 12:41 PM
Thought some of you might want to verify some of these locations:


01-24-2006, 08:41 PM
We really appreciate your sharing your information and posting this site!

We were asked to present a program to the local Audubon group on March 18th and this gives us some more common ground to connect with! We'll definately use this in our presentation!

Thanks again for a great link!

01-24-2006, 09:03 PM
Here is a Google Earth screen shot of Bird Island, it is the long skinny island West of the Jade's Secret cache located on Camper's Island.
It is one of my favorite Scuba Dive Spear fishing locations. The island is covered with cypress trees in military straight lines. In the Spring of the year the island is under water with only the cypress trees showing. The under water topography is pretty wild also. The East side of the Island drops off to about 105 feet of water in the old Ouachita River channel. The West side of the Island seems to have been old fields and the water is much shallower at around 15 to 30 feet deep. The West side under water is covered with hydrilla, making it a big bass hide out. Because of proximity to the large body of open water there can be swells of some size in a stiff wind. The pointer on Google Earth indicates: 34*35'45.89" N 93*19'04.04" W
Here is the screen shot: