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01-09-2006, 02:07 PM
I have an opportunity to recognize outstanding geocachers in Arkansas and seek all Arkansas geocacher's input!

Groundspeak presented their Volunteer Reviewers with a Limited Edition special geocoin this Christmas, and I choose to use mine as Reviewer Appreciation Awards for cachers in the areas I review.

Since I started reviewing the geocache listings in Arkansas I have gotten a mental image of some cachers, and through the arkgeocaching forums, through my percieved quality of their hides and logs, though emails and in other ways gained some insight into who's who.

This means that six Arkansas geocachers will be selected for recognition.

However, as mentioned, I have but limited view of the people and personalities integral to Arkansas geocaching, so I reach out to you, the geocachers, to tell me who has been the most influential, who has taken leadership, who has promoted the game and supported the geocaching community.

Being a geocacher makes one eligible, being a geocacher that a majority support for honor and recognition makes you a winner!

I want to hear from you in this thread nominations for Outstanding Geocachers. I will run this for two weeks, and announce the six nominees with the most votes on January 23rd, 2006.

If you know Arkansas geocachers who do not come to this website, either invite them here to place nominations or tell me where else I should post this.

Direct questions to me to [email protected] but send me NO nominations in email - I will ignore all nominations sent in any manner than this open forum!

Please submit the geocaching name of your nominee by replying here and, if you so choose, a brief note as to why this candidate is worthy of special recognition.

Here's the coin that will be presented along with a letter of Appreciation.

Thank you,
Groundspeak Volunteer Geocache Reviewer

01-09-2006, 08:10 PM
I nominate Nonniepoppy and Golfnuts for their OUTSTANDING caches in Clarksville and the meet and greets also.

01-10-2006, 07:13 AM
I nominate BackPackNJack for his wonderful MoneyMouse game, that turn into small meet and greet events.

I can't say enough for the quality of the events that NonniPoppy and Golfnutz put together.

I nominate Grandkid38 for enthusiam for the sport and for wanting to share it.

I nominate LongDogs for his behind the scene work on this site, which without, we could not be doing this.

This will be very difficult for you NatureFish because that is only four and I'm not done. I will be listing more for you to consider, because this state has some outstanding people that love geocaching and do their part to make it enjoyable for others.

01-10-2006, 08:46 AM
This was really tough to narrow down. I hesitate to even post this list, because there are so many good folks out there, and I hate to leave people out. There are MANY geocachers that I don't really know, so I can only talk about those with which I'm familiar. (My list originally included about 15 people/teams.)

Here are my six nominations and the reason I chose them. This list is based primarily on my perception of their contribution to geocaching in Arkansas:

GolfNutz - MANY hides (often imitated but never duplicated); co-hosts the largest Arkansas event each year; quality and inginutiy of hides is unsurpassed; modest (ok, I just added this one because I think it's an important trait...)

backpacknjack - host of the MoneyMouse game, which has added new excitement to geocaching in Arkansas (specifically to ArkGeo members) by awarding cach prizes to early finders.

LongDogs - founder and webmaster of the Arkansas Geocachers Association. All of this is possible because of his efforts. Also a member of the group that lobbied to get a geocaching policy established for Arkansas State Parks.

nonnipoppy - MANY unique and innovative caches hidden; serves as steering committee member for ArkGeo;, co-hosts the largest Arkansas event each year; has a vision of making geocaching in Arkansas better.

LadyEngineer - serves as steering committee member for ArkGeo; passionate about recruiting new geocachers and educating them.

01-10-2006, 05:10 PM
Grandkid38 for placing a lot of good quality caches all over the place. Most of my finds are probably their caches. They always have good swag and they maintain their caches well.

Team Panda for really getting me started in this even though they may not realize this. I stumbled across the geocaching website and found that there was a cache within 1 mile of my home. That micro, placed by Team Panda, started my addiction to theis sport. I searched for this one before I got a gps. I just completed a very fine multi that they placed. It was both challenging and took me to some really nice places.

hot rod on foot and bike for answering all of my questions about my first cahce and for giving me a lot of good info. Also for some really good hides.

Cachemates for one of the most bothersome micros that I have ever found. I looked for it six times before I found it. All I could think about was finding that cache. I looked every morning before work. Found out that it had been muggd before anyone could find it. As soon as it was back I went back for the find. They did a lot of work to make a really great cache container.

Jerry Bonnie & Abbey have placed some really interesting caches and Jamie2 has also.

There are way too many fine cachers here to choose from.

01-11-2006, 12:50 AM
As Gaddiel stated, I hesitate to even post a list, because there are so many great cachers in Arkansas that have add so much to Geocaching and I hate to leave anyone out.

However, I can't even imagine hearing the term "outstanding geocachers in Arkansas" without Bob and Linda, aka. the cachecrazies, coming to mind. They were geocaching long before most of us had even heard of the game. Their contributions to Geocaching in North Arkansas is without measure and are true Geocaching icons. Through their efforts, Geocaching has been recognized by the Corp of Engineers who has encouraged the placing of caches in the Corp Parks and because of their hard work and dedication, for the last two years our organization has been invited to participate in the annual Jakes Event. I can think of no one more deserving than the cachecrazies.

You certainly can't think of Arkansas Geocaching without thinking of nonnipoppy and Golfnutz. Their contribution of hiding caches and hosting events is unequaled in Arkansas. They're always eager to help others and promote Geocaching throughout Arkansas.

I could not leave out a man who has added such a twist to this game as has Backpacknjack. His MoneyMouse game is without a doubt one of the most exciting things to happen to Arkansas Geocaching since the first cache was placed here.

Another person who has added so much to this game is Grandkid38. It was through his efforts that the first official meeting of Arkansas Geocachers was organized.

In the Southwest section of Arkansas, I don't know where caching would be without Jerry, Bonnie, and Abby, aka. the Cachemates. The quality of their hides are outstanding and Jerry's talent for making containers, which he has shared around the state, is without equal.

My list goes on and on. Longdogs for his contribution of this website, Gaddiel for all his hard work helping to organize our association, topkitty, arkansas stickerdude, and LE for serving our organization so well. Geoark1 and Mrs. Geoark for their hard work helping to get Geocaching approved in our State Parks. There are so many others that I haven't mentioned and I'm just so thankful that I'm not the one having to choose six from so many dedicated and caring people.

01-11-2006, 11:32 PM
Howdy, new to geocaching but I have read a lot of post. It seems to me that the best choice is BPNJ. Every thing I have read about him tells me he is A man who has spent A lot of time and effort in making this a real adventure. “A MAN OF VISION“ (quote=lonesome dove :D

Keep love in your heart , A song on your lips & Your eyes wide open. 8O HAVE FUN

01-12-2006, 04:30 PM
Nominating six people to be recognized for having positively influenced and promoted caching in Arkansas should be easy. Explaining why these six and trying to keep it short is going to be the hard part so please bare with me as I try to do both.
First and foremost would be “LongDogs”. Calm, supportive, and long suffering (man has there been some discussions here on his site), he has carried the banner upon his shoulders and without this site who would even know there WERE Arkansas cachers. The thread (he he) that keeps us all connected and moving forward is this site.
“Gaddiel“: I have said this before that he is always up on things that are happening with this site (the core of our existence), puts in a lot of work keeping it helpful and informative plus has always tried to present a positive, best foot forward portrait of caching with your family, in the natural state. All that and he still picks up trash !
“Cachecrazies“: They will be most often tossed into the same sack but they really are two separate people, very capable, energetic, positive, if you have yet to meet them two of the most fun people to be around, but both in their own right well worthy of ambassadorships. They represent us VERY well up in north Arkansas because the Cachecrazies are a 100% class act….. of 2, who work very well with others.
“Spanky The Wizard“: A new comer, he would sure get my nod as rooky of the year. It is easy to be recognized when you have been around since the Davy Crockett days, Spanky is just getting started. If you check out his cache ethics, posts, cache hides, and his work with the coin and patches for our group, you too will see why this young man is worth watching and well deserving.
I was doing good up till now right? Then comes the last person I would give the nod to. There is no way that a list of the most influential cachers in our Arkansas group could not contain:
“Nonnipoppy“: It is the people you meet and the caches you find that give you a positive or negative outlook on caching and Poppy is positive all the way, his events a perfect balance of enough structure to make it work but still loose enough to make it feel fun and inviting. Events make a very big impression.
“Woodwalker9”:Everyone who meets him says how nice he is and how helpful he is. I introduced him at an event as the company historian and if you’ve met him you know why. He is the person you want standing up front when you are introducing people to caching. His example is the reason I chose to, and I’m still working on, showcasing a whole town.
“Golfnutz”: It isn’t what you take from caching that makes it work and grow, it is what you give, and how can you give more then him.
“Grandkid38”: The saturation of burns park with big old children friendly caches has drawn many tourist there and showcased one of our shining jewels in the natural state . Just read the logs to see the positive impact his caches have had.
“Cachemates”: Positive in their persona, innovative in their caching, supportive, informative and energetic each and every time you meet them. It’s the land managers who hold the key to growth in caching and it is people like the Cachmates who can best work with them.
“LadyEngineer”: Positive, hard working (has been accused of having no life but caching because of all her hard work), and supportive of this family and earth friendly game from day one, she is a shining example of positive influence and placing your best foot forward. We would not be where we are without her. (she is sharp as a tack too)
About here I should say sorry for the long post but you will get no apologies from me this time except to say sorry I ran out of page long before I ran out of people to nominate.
PS. Yes it was harder then I thought - yes I did go over 6 - yes I do understand my pay may be cut. :P

01-13-2006, 10:28 AM
I like the "young man" comment by BPNJ. Makes me feel like the Grecian Formula is actually working! While I like the rookie of the year nod I will defer any votes to the people that have gotten us to where we are at:

LongDogs (also helps that I actually like dachshunds)
Grandkid38 (great hides, great fun and a great couple!)

Anyone can go back into the forums and read the topics and discussions that have started this association and see that no other short list is more deserving of an initial round of appreciation than the ones that weathered the storms and put up with all of the guff in getting this sport organized/recognized/homogenized in the state of Arkansas.

To that list I add BackPackNJack if for no other reason than the MoneyMouse game. Beyond that he is an interesting human being and always comes off as the genuine article.


01-14-2006, 07:53 AM
My nominations are:

Cachecrazies for twice taking responsibility for a booth and geocaching event in conjunction with the JAKES (Juniors Aquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) fair.

Nonnipoppy for personally blazing the way with events in Arkansas. He arranged and was responsible for a location, time, sponsors, door prizes, food and new caches to hunt. I think he had help from Golfnutz also. All of this with the only incentive being to meet his fellow cachers and have a good time. I got a first-hand report that the trash-can turkeys were excellent.

Grandkid38 for not excluding the kids by flooding the place with micros, but rather putting out lots of real caches with real treasures that the kids going along with their parents will be thrilled with. Outstanding.

Woodwalker9 for his tribute to Markrocks.

Everyone who makes time to be with their kids and grandkids and take them geocaching.


01-16-2006, 02:57 PM
Wow, this is such a sweet opportunity for us! Thanks, Fishie!

My nominations not in order of anything:

* golfnutz - excellent hides, encourages caching in his community with his business' discount and his hides and his events and HE PUTS UP WITH POPPY!
* nonnipoppy - excellent hides, mean hints, available to all. willingness to help get state organization off the ground
* cachecrazies - excellent hides, very supportive of cachers and takes a personal interest that all will succeed
* cachemates aka jerry, bonnie, abby - has excellent hides and has helped blaze a path into southwest AR in a huge way, has offered their talents by giving out some very awesome cache containers as door prizes at events
* backpacknjack - $$$$ mouse, has helped smooth over a few thousand ruffled people along the way, and he's just plain nice (& funny)
* woodwalker9 - has placed well thought out caches, mean caches, hard caches, educational caches, is available to absolutely anyone to help, educated me and markrocks in micro-ology with his Around Town series, befriended us, loved my son, and has been there for me
* and I know this is no. 7, but gaddiel&orangedanish&their "lil one" - excellent hides, excellent promotion of the sport as a family activity & all around just plain nice people

topkitty98 & always, forever, markrocksinheavennow

01-16-2006, 03:21 PM
I have to nominate the cachecrazies. Whenever I here the word geocaching I think of them. They have done so much for caching in north Arkansas. As already stated, they are the reason that caches are in the Corp of Engineer Parks, in that area of the state.

Also Long Dogs and Gaddiel. For their work on the web site and within the Arkansas Geocachers Association.

I believe Backpacknjack should be nominated just because of his Mouse game. I have never chased the Mouse but I believe it has added a new sense of adventure to the game.

Some may believe this is wrong for me to do but I would also nominate Woodwalker9. He is the one who got me started caching. He is a great cache hunter and a great cach hider and I know he has helped several cachers, find caches, when they needed a hint.

There a lot of others who I know have done a lot to help promote geocaching. Wish they could all win awards. Nonnipoppy, Golfnutz, TopKitty, Grandkid38 just to name a few. Congratulations to whoever wins. You deserve it.

01-16-2006, 06:48 PM
We echo the sentiments of many others - it's really hard to list names when there are so many wonderful people and geocachers in our state. And the fear of leaving someone out that deserves to be recognized is uppermost in our minds. Not for one minute would we hurt anyone's feelings - almost to the point of not posting to this thread. But we felt that in fairness to some of the really fine people here that we would offer (or re-suggest mostly) names that come to mind. Our list includes some for their "behind the scenes" support to all other geocachers. With that - we'll list a few of the MANY cachers that deserve this honor.

Golfnutz: You can't think of Clarksville, or caching, or events - without thinking about Golfnutz! Another team - as in nonnipoppy that you just think of as an "entity"! They go way beyond your wildest expectations both in the caches they place and the events they sponsor!

nonnipoppy: You simply can't think of Arkansas geocaching without thinking of nonnipoppy. In every way possible they lead the pack. Caches found - incredible! Caches hidden - amazing! Fellowship and events - PRICELESS!

Woodwalker9: Every cache he places has a reason - something to call your attention to, a reason for visiting that area. His caches in Searcy make you love the whole town and make you mutter under your breath at the devious hider. Even more than that, he has got to be one of the most caring individuals to join geocaching. As seen by his tributes to Markrocks, he has a heart bigger than the world and eagerly helps when and wherever needed. At the events we've given, WW9 is a superstar at talking to new (or potential) cachers and has persuaded more than one to try out our game! And at over 1000 cache finds - who could doubt his geocaching experience and expertise?

BackPackingJack: The same caring, personable qualities given to WW9 above most definately apply to BPNJ also. Underneath his happy go lucky persona beats a heart of gold! For no other reason than to add to other's enjoyment, he introduced the Mouse game and not only gives extra hours of enjoyment to cachers but also has dipped deeply into his own pockets to provide rewards! Also, let's not forget his donation of the "Money Mouse" jackpot to Katrina victims! The cache's he's placed are always well thought out and well planned as well as fun and exciting!

Cachemates: It would be a 5/5 to find nicer people or geocachers than these guys! They are always plotting and planning on what nice things they can do for someone! And carry it off without a hitch! The incredible time and work that Jerry puts into his ammo cans only to give them away is awesome!

Gaddiel: Probably his most obvious accomplishment is this web site. Only thinking about the hours he must put in here makes us tired! But anyone who's looked for his caches or been fortunate enough to go caching with him (& Orange Danish) can assure you that they are terrific geocachers with great hides and fantastic people to be with on a cache hunt! Their CITO event was wonderfully organized and lots of fun.

"The List" could continue on and on - Long Dogs (who arranges for us to be discussing this topic), Old River Runner, Geezer Veazey, Rhone, topkitty98, SpankytheWizard and many, many others!

We're glad that NatureFish is making this decision. It would be impossible for us!

01-16-2006, 09:23 PM
Listing six geocachers who has helped to promote geocaching in Arkansas will be easy. Listing only six will be the hard part. We may go over six. Glad we're not having to make the final decision.

The founder of the MoneyMouse game. This game has added a lot of fun for the cachers who has played it. All the expenses paid for by BPNJ. He always took the mouse to somewhere of interest. BPNJ has been a great help to Geocaching in Arkansas. Thanks for the Mouse Hunt Jack.

This is as nice of couple as you will meet. We had a wonderful time at the Jake's Event last fall. When you think of Geocaching in the Northern part of the state this is who you think of. Great cachers and they have some of the best caches. We loved their down on the town square "Memorial Cache". They have certainly been a +++++++++ for geocaching in Arkansas.

Grandkid 38
Hosted the Burns Park Event. This is where we met most of the Arkansas cachers for the first time. He has placed so many caches in Burns Park it is now a cachers paradise. He was the first cacher we ever met. We met him at one of his caches in the Ouachita Mountains. He has several caches in that area also. We had a great time caching in the Arkansas OutBack with Grandkid, his Wife and Parrot. Fun Day.

Golfnutz and Nonnipoppy
Geocaching in Arkansas just wouldn't be where it is today without Nonnipoppy and Golfnutz. They have placed some of the best caches in Arkansas. They have any kind of cache you want to look for. From the easy to find to the impossible. Both of these cachers have been helpful to us more than once. Their Events are something special. We look forward to the one in April.

This is the nicest guy you will ever meet. Always greets you with a smile and a positive attitude. Has some of the best caches around. Works hard to promote geocaching where ever he goes, and he is all over the state finding caches. A Super Cacher.

This is a MoneyMouse hunting Kitty that is hard to keep from getting to the mouse. Twice we have met her on the trail of that BPNJ mouse game. A great cacher with some Dynamite caches of her own.

Lady Engineer
Everyone know LE has helped the Arkansas Geocachers in any way she could. Has some great caches in the Cabot area. Helped with the Burns Park Event, On the Arkansas Geocachers Committee. Always ready to lend a helping hand.

Has helped geocaching in our part of the state by placing a series of caches in the Brushy Creek area south of Mena. In the Arkansas Outback of Polk County.He has introduced several new cachers to his area. Geocaching has not caught on down here like it has in other parts of the state, but mountainborn is working on changing that. A great guy with some outstanding caches.

Here are some others I feel should not be left out.
Gaddiel & OrangeDanish
Old River Runner
Arkansas Stickerdude
The famous Griswold Family
Geezer & Deezer
All of these people have helped geocaching in Arkansas. There are many others that wasn't listed.

01-17-2006, 08:12 PM
I'm not qualified to "sit at the grownup table" as someone said the other day and I've not been around long enough to know very many of the fine people whose names I see in Geocaching related ways. Here though is a list that if nothing else, is to show my appreciation of their contributions that I am aware of - like that nano container at Circa1928 cachecrazies!

So my nominations would be :

cachecrazies - creativity
Woodwalker9 - one of the most positve people I know.
golfnutz - giving discounts to sleepy geocachers!
nonnipoppy - From reading the forums, are big contributors
cachemates - From reading the forums, are big contributors
backpacknjack - From reading the forums, are big contributors

01-18-2006, 07:22 PM
We are starting our second year of caching, and it has been a great hobby for the whole family! We have meet a lot of great people at the events. We went to the J.A.K.E.S. event and had the best time there. The kids had lots to do, and we did too, meeting fellow cachers. I do not know how to express our gratitude, so we would like to nominate cachecrazies. Their many caches in the area made for one of our best days caching. We will always carry fond memories of this day and the event.
Another member of the caching community who is the one of the nicest and most humble people that we have had the honor of meeting is woodwalker9. He has caused us some grief but in the end his caches give us great enjoyment. His imagination and creative skills add much the caching community. His caches are always informative and showcase the area in which they are placed. Caching would not be the same in Arkansas without woodwalker9.
I would also like to mention for his efforts in filling Burns park with so many kid freindly caches, grandkid38. We have spent many afternoons seeking his caches and would like to thank him for his efforts. With his efforts and many others Burns park is becoming a Mecca for caching.
We would like to thank everyone whos caches that we have found and the many that we have not. We see cachers more than some of our own family, and they make a great extended family that we are happy to be in.