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06-27-2005, 06:25 PM
Hey everyone....I guess I kind of waited until the last minute for this one. I hope plenty of cachers log on tonight and in the morning to give me some ideas. Im doing a speech in my communication class on geocaching. I need some quotes or humorous sayings related to geocaching. Maybe a real quick short story. The speech is a total of 5-7 minutes and so I am breifly explaining the GPS, this history of geocaching and geocaching itself. I really wanted some little saying or something to stick in there. I cant find anything in my books or online but I will keep looking. I would like the speech to end with something memorable and maybe I can entice a few muggles to start caching. Meanwhile, I hope someone can help.

06-27-2005, 09:29 PM
Sorry, I donít have any magic lines or stories and Iím not good at giving speeches.

I have introduced about a dozen people to caching so far, mostly kids, but I started on their parents with, ďThis is about the only thing I have found that will get a kid out from in front of their nintendo or computer games because once they find a REAL hidden treasure the ones on their computer just arenít the same anymore.
Kids like a challenge but they also like to hold something in their hands.
I challenge you to find something else an 8 year old and an 80 year old can equally enjoy together...well except for ice-cream and grandpa doesnít need more ice-cream.Ē

I also encourage children to take something out of the caches and watch to see who gets what they put in. Signing the log just doesnít seem to do it for them. For me it has been the challenge of getting them to try it but once they find something all on their own and their face lights up I know they will never forget it no matter how much or how little they get to cache.

06-27-2005, 09:57 PM
Just wanted to respond to let you know that we're racking our brains but haven't come up with anything great yet! BPJack's is on the right track though - it covers all age groups and once someone tries it, they'll never forget it and generally they're hooked on geocaching. We've taken our grandkids, teenagers - from 3 years to mid-teens, and a friends son of 30 - every age group has enjoyed it.

Not knowing the age group you're going to be talking to, it's hard to say what is appropriate. but just getting the word out is important. CITO is always a VERY BIG part to bring up. CITO's brought a lot of response back to us from groups we've talked to - the enviromentally conscious like that part of geocaching a lot! That's one of the big ways we've been able to get the approval of our local parks department, Corps of Engineers, and State Parks. We've found that you can relate an entire program to how geocachers protect the environment.

We wish you all the best luck tomorrow in your talk - and will keep racking our brains and if we come up with anything will re-post early in the morning.

There's always the signature quotes (many are priceless):

I can't be lost - I have a GPS (we have two so we're always lost) LOL!

06-28-2005, 10:26 AM
Take a look at my log for Kings River Falls to see if you might want to use as an example of what can happen when you go geocaching.


06-28-2005, 12:09 PM
Why cant things like that happen to me lol!

06-28-2005, 02:25 PM
Well, I guess you have gotten very little help with your speech from us but even with lots of time it is a little hard to explain to others how you can use so much insect spray and still willingly go back for more when there is no applause from the roaring crowds, or trophies, or pats on the back, or groupies, or autograph seekers. :roll:

If I had to explain/show how this game appeals to so many different types and ages and fitness levels of people I would just read them or maybe give them a list of the IDs of the cachers and ask them to think about them later. Not the name you were given, but the name you chose for yourself and/or family. Sometimes there is a lot in a name and surely there is if you chose it yourself. The diversity is so obvious even if you only look at the IDs and never see the post. (These are in no order by design.)

Grandkid38.. Gaddiel.. ArParkGuy.. Cachecrazies.. Geezer.. OldRiverRunner.. LadyEngineer.. Love2Camp.. LongDogs.. Idratherbehiking.. bmwrider1.. Rich-Faith.. Rock_Hound..TwoOldCrows.. HarleyHogs.. Phantom_491.. Motexoutlaw.. TopKitty98..The_Griswolds.. Hightechteacher.. Sancho.. Team Panda ... Ba_Joker... FireChief1956.. GuitarLizard... Drag-Racer... Malarky... DaisyButton... Navigators... CacheDragon... CADtech... TrackerTrekkers... WanaJeep... ChemicalMan... CITO-Guy... Bombadier... OzarkRider... Tuck_Sackett... GeoPhilosopher... BluegillFisherman... Sniper300mag... Golfnutz... RazorbackGeek... GeoAviators... MP3Monkeys... Mountainborn...etc.

I think even this small sampling from our own little group shows what Iím talking about and a little more care in picking and arranging them would demonstrate a much larger range of age and interest.

06-29-2005, 02:33 PM
I just did the "Radio K.A.O.S." locationless cache. It is a radio broadcast that you can listen to or just read the transcript. It has a lot of information about the origins and uses of GPS and a smidge about geocaching. You might find something usefull in there for your speech. And you get to log a find! :D