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04-12-2017, 08:09 PM
Minutes of the April 7, 2017, Arkansas Geocachers Association Board Meeting
Crowne Plaza Hotel - Little Rock, Arkansas

The Arkansas Geocachers Association April 7, 2017, Board Meeting was called to order by President, Susan Smith Dodson

Members present were:
Susan Smith Dodson, President
Sharon Simmons, Treasurer
Sue Hayes, Secretary
Jackie Hefley
Phoebe Sellers
Eugene Smith
Maribeth Laster
Kendall Tabor
Les Williams, Immediate Past President
Visitors were: Ron Laster
Absent were: Jason Nuckols, Web Site Manager

The President’s Report was prepared and presented by Susan Smith Dodson

Goal 1: Fund Raising – Implement fund raising initiatives to raise $500.00 by 3/31/2017.
Owner: Maribeth Laster
Status: goal met
$1770 sold to date this year.

Goal 2 – Events – Hold 4 CITO events by 3/31/2017.
Owner: Sharon Simmons
Status: goal met
1. ArkGeo 2016 CITO & Hotdog Roast on April 9th
2. CITO at Springhill Park at Barling (Fort Smith) on June 25th
3. CITO at Crowleys Ridge State Park on July 16th
4. CITO at Cunningham Cemetery on February 25th

Goal 3 – Events – Each board member host 1 event by 3/31/2017.
Owner: Les Williams
Status: goal met
1. ArkGeo Meet and Greet: Searcy on January 7th
2. ArkGeo Meet and Greet: Clarksville on January 13th
3. ArkGeo Meet and Greet: Alma on January 21st
4. ArkGeo Meet and Greet: Conway on February 4th
5. ARK Geo Meet and Greet – Prattsville on February 25th
6. ArkGeo Texarkana Meet and Greet on February 25th
7. ArkGeo March Meet and Greet: Damascus on March 11th
8. Sugartown Meet & Greet on March 14th
9. Savoy MeetnGreet GeoCoin Fun on March 26th

Goal 4 – Teaching Opportunities – Teach Geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 3/31/2017.
Owner: Jackie Hefley
Status: goal met
1. ArkGeo/ S.W.A.G.. Geocaching 101 - May 21st
2. Geocaching class held at the Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center - May 25th
3. Geocaching class held at Cabot Library - June 17th
4. Fourche Creek Discovery Day at Interstate Park – October 29th
The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Sharon Simmons.

Treasurer's Report 3-31-2017

Treasurer's Report 3/31/17

Beginning Balance



2/10/17 Merchandise sold at Paris Event


2/21/17 Merchandise sold by Susan


3/17/17 Merchandise sold by Eugene


3/30/17 Merchandise sold by Susan


TOTAL Income



2/6/17 Transfer to Pay Pal to pay for Pathtags


3/7/17 Ck #1270 Sandy Fryar - Reimburse for Maumelle Park Pavillion


3/15/17 Ck #1271 Sew Perfect - Hats


3/17/17 Ck #1272 HD Graphics - T Shirts


TOTAL Expenses


Closing Balance


Pay Pal Beginning Balance


2/5/17 Transfer to Acct from Regions Bank


2/8/17 Paid Pathtag Designer - Pink Cow


2/8/17 Paid GeoCoin Club


Pay Pal Ending Balance


PathTag Cash Beginning Balance


2/8/17 Used Balance to order Pathtags


2/17/17 & 3/17/17 Give Back Credit


PathTag Cash Ending Balance


Pay Pal Balance


PathTag Cash Balance


Checking Balance


Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash


The following committee reports were presented:
Elections Committee Report - Susan Smith Dodson - Board Liaison
Chair - vacant

Below are the results from the 2017 board elections.

Chris Rasmussen (Razz007) 24%
Adam Schoenwald (Cloak.n.Dagger) 29%
Kendall Tabor (Coon&Bud) 48%

A total of 63 people voted in the board election.

Candidates have been notified and results have been posted on the Arkansas Geocaching Association forum. Our next task is to recruit a chair for the election committee.

Fund Raising Committee Report: April 7, 2017
Committee Members:
Maribeth Laster – rklmbl (Board Liaison)
Sharon Simmons - Flyfishingcachers (Chair)
Rich Swanson - Clark~Griswold
Deanna O'Malley - Hogwildfamilyof6
Linda Tredway - Angel06
Susan Smith Dodson & Mike Dodson - St. Rock
Ron Laster - rklmbl
Sandy Fryar – likestocanoe
Judy Vaughn – MathSeeker
EuGene Smith - BUTCH46

Sales: Goal of $500 in sales for this year was met and surpassed. $1770 sold to date this year.
4-8-2016 $ 751 Annual Event @ Murfreesboro
6-24-2016 $ 263 Northwest Arkansas Event
6-27-2016 $ 186 Merchandise sold at various events by Eugene & Susan
7-18-2016 $ 60 Merchandise sold at Paragould Event by Eugene
10-17-2016 $ 84 Merchandise sold at various events by Susan
11-16-2016 $ 38 Merchandise sold at various events by Eugene
1-14-2017 $ 205 Merchandise sold at Paris Event
2-21-2017 $ 73 Merchandise sold at various events by Susan
3-17-2017 $ 65 Merchandise sold at various events by Eugene
3-30-2017 $ 45 Merchandise sold at various events by Susan

January – March 2017 Activities:
Merchandise totaling $388 sold at various events.
We received credit on the Pathtag Account from some folks buying pathtags and adding the Arkansas back.
We purchased Pathtags, hats, and t-shirts to add to inventory.
There is still 1 package of Arkansas Pathtags available at the Geocoin Store

Events Committee: Presented by Board Liaison Sharon Simmons
Chairpersons: Ken and Sue Hayes
Committee Members:
Sharon Simmons – Flyfishingcachers (Board Liaison)
Sue Hayes - Racquetball Girl (Co-Chair)
Ken Hayes – Nukeworker (Co-Chair)
Sandy Fryar – likestocanoe
Jim Fryar - likestocanoe
Jason Nuckols - jclaudii
Lisa Nuckols – Southerngirl
Judy Franklin - jffok
Becky Kinnu - Nannabear
Bill Chatham - Bills Joy
Joy Chatham – Bills Joy
David Solomon - KSDS97
Adam Schoenwald - Cloak&Dagger

We had an ArkGeo CITO at Cunningham Cemetery February 20, 2017. This will complete the CITO goal.

We have been working hard planning the Annual Event.

As of Friday, we have 52 will attends. We are planning for 110 meals. We are quite excited to have such a good crowd to attend the event. We have activities planned all day through the event and going on after the CITO/Hot Dog Roast.

We always strive to make each event better than the one before. Hopefully this one will fall in line as the best so far.

A big Thank You to those involved in the planning of this event!! You have done an excellent job!! Much time is involved in planning these Annual Events. It takes a village to have a successful event.

The vote for the 2018 Annual Event has taken place and seemed to work fine. Hopefully the members were agreeable with deciding the location of the event with this process.

Submitted by:

Sharon Simmons, Board Liaison

Community Relations Committee: Presented by Board Liaison Jackie Hefley
Chairperson: Pat Vaughn
Committee Members:
Jackie Hefley – Razorback01 (Board Liaison)
Pat Vaughn – Woodwalker9 (Chair)
Les Williams - Savoy
Kent Uhrich - knkincabot
Clark Gray - cfd29
Hurbert Chapman - butch724

Goal 4 – Teaching Opportunities – Teach Geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 3/31/2017.
Owner: Jackie Hefley
Status: goal met
1. ArkGeo/ S.W.A.G.. Geocaching 101 - May 21st
2. Geocaching class held at the Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center - May 25th
3. Geocaching class held at Cabot Library - June 17th
4. Fourche Creek Discovery Day at Interstate Park – October 29th

Membership Relations Committee: Presented by Board Liaison EuGene Smith
Chairperson: Judy Vaughn
Committee Members:
EuGene Smith – Butch46 (Board Liaison)
Judy Vaughn – MathSeeker (Chair)
Justin Murphree - arkfiremedic
Sharon Simmons – Flyfishingcachers
Glynn Simmons - Flyfishingcachers
Mike Dodson - St. Rock
Susan Smith Dodson – St. Rock

The following members were showcased as the ARKGEO Geocacher Profiled this quarter:
February - Sherry Siler aka ssiler
March - Chris Wilks aka Cnwilks
April - Jean Kennedy aka MSHippie

New ARKGEO Members this quarter:
Jeff Pettit aka Team Rumtum
Jeremiah Sanders aka Sanders_Sooners
Dustin Rodriguez aka irisbramblebeardface

EuGene Smith (bUTCH46)
Membership Relations Committee Liaison

Maribeth Laster made a motion to accept all committee reports. Kendall Tabor seconded the proposal. Motion passed.

Old Business
1. Annual event budget(s)
With a larger group than expected the event committee asked to raise the funds from $700.00 to $743.82 for the catered lunch. EuGene Smith made the motion, Kendall Tabor seconded. Motion passed.
The event committee asked for an additional $150.00 for extra expenses related to the annual event and CITO/Hotdog Roast. Eugene Smith made the motion, Kendall Tabor seconded. Motion passed.

2. Bylaws change re Vice President position
A discussion about changing the time table for officers (especially the Vice President) on the board in relation to the election has been tabled until a later date.

3. Newsletter update
No progress to report at this time

4. Website updates for Jason
Kendall Tabor is being added for board access.
We all need to review committee members and update for the coming year.

New Business
1. Election of Vice President
President, Susan Smith Dodson welcomed Kendall Tabor to the board. Kendall is agreeable to serving as our new Vice President. Motion by EuGene Smith, Seconded by Sharon Simmons. Motion passed.

2. Board liaison to committees
The Election Committee needs a Liaison. Kendall Tabor agreed to accept that position.
The following board members agreed to continue as liaisons for 2017-2018:
Fund Raising Committee – Maribeth Laster
Community Relations Committee – Jackie Hefley
Events Committee – Sharon Simmons
Membership Relations Committee – EuGene Smith

3. Merchandise donation for door prizes for annual event
Sharon Simmons requested a t-shirt and coin be donated by ArkGeo for door prizes at the annual event tomorrow. This is what has been donated in the past. Maribeth Laster made a motion, EuGene seconded the motion. Motion passed.

4. Annual meeting agenda
President, Susan Smith Dodson will preside over tomorrow’s annual event/meeting
She will introduce the ArkGeo board members and officers
Committee Chairs will speak briefly and discuss what each committee does
We will announce the 2018 location for the ArkGeo Annual Event. (NW AR won the vote) A date will be announced later, but we plan to hold it in April, 2018

5. Board goals for 2017-2018 (including change to Meet and Greets)
All Board goals in 2016-2017 were fulfilled
Maribeth Laster made a motion for only 4 ArkGeo Meets and Greets to be held in 2017-2018. They will be on Saturdays @ lunch, published under ArkGeo, with one in each of the 4 sections of Arkansas, and hosted by the 4 non-executive board members. motion seconded.
Motion voted and passed by a vote of 6-2.
It was discussed that all board members may host meet and greets throughout the year in addition to the 4 voted on.

Goal 1: Events - Each non-executive board member will host one Meet and Greet by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Susan Smith Dodson
Goal 2: Fund Raising – Implement fund raising initiatives to raise $600.00 by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Maribeth Laster
Goal 3: Events – Hold 4 CITO events by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Sharon Simmons
Goal 4: Teaching Opportunities – Teach Geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Jackie Hefley

6. Events held by non-board members

A discussion took place about ArkGeo Members hosting an ArkGeo Event. It was decided that all members must contact the President if they’d like to host an ArkGeo Event. They will then be required to work with a board member while planning and hosting the event. A board member will agree to attend that event to represent ArkGeo.

7. Board volunteer jobs
President, Susan Smith Dodson presented a list of 14 positions that need a board member’s attention to help the organization run smoothly.

Board Liaisons to Committees---filled
Check email & geocaching.com accounts while addressing any issues--- Sharon Simmons
Join & post on all geocaching social media sites in Arkansas---Sharon Simmons/ Les Williams/ Kendall Tabor
Review, request maintenance, and archive all ArkGeo caches as appropriate---Maribeth Laster
Close forums on ArkGeo Websites
Recruit ArkGeo Members---all of us
Recruit Committee Member---all of us
Promote/attend events across the state---Eugene Smith/ All of us when possible
Write up on how to join a committee/sign up for notifications---Susan Smith Dodson
Keeping event calendar current on website---Kendall Tabor
Mentor to New Board Member---Susan Smith Dodson for Kendall Tabor
Greeters at Events---All of us
Website/geocaching.com clean up---Sharon Simmons

8. Strategic planning for ArkGeo
President, Susan Smith Dodson suggested that we do some long range planning for the organization to help ArkGeo grow. Plans were made to meet April 29, 2017 in Hot Springs at 1:30. All members are invited to attend as we brain storm ideas.

Our next board meeting will be in Conway on July 14, 2017

A motion was made by Eugene to adjourn, it was seconded by Maribeth.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Sue Hayes, Secretary, Arkansas Geocachers Association