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01-17-2017, 02:30 PM
Minutes of the January 13, 2017 Arkansas Geocachers Association Board Meeting
Best Western Hotel - Clarksville, Arkansas

The Arkansas Geocachers Association January 13, 2017, Board Meeting was called to order by Vice President Susan Smith Dodson at 6:30 pm.

Members present were:
Rich Swanson, Past President (by phone)
Susan Smith Dodson, Vice President
Sharon Simmons, Treasurer
Maribeth Laster, Secretary
Jackie Hefley
Phoebe Sellers
Eugene Smith
Sue Hayes

Visitors were: Ron Laster and Ken Hayes
Absent were: Les Williams and Jason Nuckols, Web Site Manager

The President’s Report was prepared and presented by Susan Smith Dodson.

Goal 1: Fund Raising – Implement fund raising initiatives to raise $500.00 by 3/31/2017.
Owner: Maribeth Laster
Status: goal met
$1397 sold to date this year.

Goal 2 – Events – Hold 4 CITO events by 3/31/2017.
Owner: Sharon Simmons
Status: in progress
1. ArkGeo 2016 CITO & Hot Dog Roast on April 9.
2. CITO at Springhill Park at Barling (Fort Smith) on June 25th.
3. CITO at Crowleys Ridge State Park on July 16th.

Goal 3 – Events – Each board member host 1 event by 3/31/2017.
Owner: Les Williams
Status: in progress
1. ArkGeo Meet and Greet: Searcy on January 7th
2. ArkGeo Meet and Greet: Clarksville on January 13th
3. ArkGeo Meet and Greet: Alma on January 21st – scheduled
4. ArkGeo Meet and Greet: Conway on February 4 – scheduled
5. ArkGeo Meet and Greet: Prattsville on February 25 – scheduled

Goal 4 – Teaching Opportunities – Teach Geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 3/31/2017.
Owner: Jackie Hefley
Status: goal met
1. ArkGeo/ S.W.A.G.. Geocaching 101 - May 21st
2. Geocaching class held at the Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center - May 25th
3. Geocaching class held at Cabot Library - June 17th
4. Fourche Creek Discovery Day at Interstate Park – October 29th.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Sharon Simmons.
Maribeth Laster made the motion to accept both reports, seconded by Eugene Smith.
Treasurer's Report 12/31/16

Beginning Balance



Merchandise sold by Susan


Merchandise sold by Eugene


TOTAL Income



No expenses


TOTAL Expenses


Closing Balance


Pay Pal Beginning Balance


No activity


Pay Pal Ending Balance


PathTag Cash Beginning Balance


Give Back Credit


PathTag Cash Ending Balance


Pay Pal Balance


PathTag Cash Balance


Checking Balance


Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash


$20 in Money Bag
Submitted by Sharon Simmons, Treasurer 12/31/16

The following committee reports were presented:
Elections Committee: Presented by Board Liaison Susan Smith Dodson
Chairperson: Vacant
Committee Members:
Susan Smith Dodson – St. Rock (Board Liaison)
???? - ????? (Chair)
Kent Uhrich - knkincabot
Judy Vaughn - MathSeeker

Kendall Tabor (coon&bud) and Adam Schoenwald (Cloak.n.Dagger) have agreed to run for the board. A thread has been started on the website asking for nominations from the membership. We are working on revising the questionnaire for the candidates to complete.

Fund Raising Committee: Presented by Board Liaison Maribeth Laster
Chairperson: Sharon Simmons
Committee Members:
Maribeth Laster – rklmbl (Board Liaison)
Sharon Simmons - Flyfishingcachers (Chair)
Rich Swanson - Clark~Griswold
Deanna O'Malley - Hogwildfamilyof6
Linda Tredway - Angel06
Susan Smith Dodson – St. Rock
Mike Dodson - St. Rock
Ron Laster - rklmbl
Sandy Fryar – likestocanoe
Judy Vaughn – MathSeeker
EuGene Smith - BUTCH46
Adam Schoenwald - Cloak.n.Dagger

Susan Smith Dodson & EuGene Smith sold merchandise at monthly events totaling $122.00 (Total sold FY 2016 - $1397)
We received credit on the Pathtag Account from someone buying pathtags and adding the Arkansas back.
There are still 4 packages of Arkansas Pathtags available at the Geocoin Store. They have discounted the price to $14.95 per package if anyone is interested.

Events Committee: Presented by Board Liaison Sharon Simmons
Chairpersons: Ken and Sue Hayes
Committee Members:
Sharon Simmons – Flyfishingcachers (Board Liaison)
Sue Hayes - Racquetball Girl (Co-Chair)
Ken Hayes – Nukeworker (Co-Chair)
Sandy Fryar – likestocanoe
Jim Fryar - likestocanoe
Jason Nuckols - jclaudii
Lisa Nuckols – Southerngirl
Judy Franklin - jffok
Becky Kinnu - Nannabear
Bill Chatham - Bills Joy
Joy Chatham – Bills Joy
David Solomon - KSDS97
Adam Schoenwald - Cloak&Dagger

No ArkGeo events were held during this quarter.

Plans are in progress for the Annual Event in April. The food will be catered by Whole Hog and is all set up.

Free dry tent camping has been offered to us in the Scout camping area.

There are reservable camping sites available. Sandy Fryar is coordinating the camping sites. If anyone is interested they need to contact her.

We have been contacted by a vendor in Missouri, This N That, wanting to set up a table to sell merchandise. They sell mostly coins. We feel this might be a good draw for our event. Lots of folks are all about the coins. We are going to ask them to contribute some door prizes.

We only have 15 will attends at this time. We will be hard pressed to get any companies to commit to giving us merchandise without a good solid amount of will attends.

We are working on some possibilities for activities for the spare time in the afternoon. Possibly some guided hikes at Pinnacle or Boat trip may be possible, if folks are interested & we can get things worked out with Pinnacle. If anyone has any other ideas of activities, please feel free to let us know.

Community Relations Committee: Presented by Board Liaison Jackie Hefley
Chairperson: Pat Vaughn
Committee Members:
Jackie Hefley – Razorback01 (Board Liaison)
Pat Vaughn – Woodwalker9 (Chair)
Les Williams - Savoy
Kent Uhrich - knkincabot
Clark Gray - cfd29
Hurbert Chapman - butch724

The Arkansas Geocachers Association was invited to participate in the Fourche Creek Discovery Day event at Interstate Park in Little Rock on October 29th. The event was sponsored by The Friends of Fourche Creek and there were approximately 160 people in attendance. ArkGeo was one of several organizations that had booths set up including The Arkansas Game and Fish, Little Rock Parks & Tourism, Little Rock Waste Water, and others. ArkGeo members in attendance were, Susan & Mike Dodson (St. Rock), Glenn & Sharron Simmons (flyfishingcachers), Judy Vaughn (mathseeker), & Pat Vaughn (woodwalker). We exhibited sample caches, explained geocaching, and conducted geocaching tours around Interstate Park. There seemed to be considerable interest and hopefully we have established another valuable contact in The Friends of Fourche Creek.

Membership Committee: Presented by Board Liaison EuGene Smith
Chairperson: Judy Vaughn
Committee Members:
EuGene Smith – Butch46 (Board Liaison)
Judy Vaughn – MathSeeker (Chair)
Justin Murphree - arkfiremedic
Sharon Simmons – Flyfishingcachers
Glynn Simmons - Flyfishingcachers
Mike Dodson - St. Rock
Susan Smith Dodson – St. Rock

The Membership Relations Committee posted interviews with the following geocachers during the 4th quarter of 2016:
October - Jeremy Axe, caching as FauxtoPro
November -Angelo Mockewich, caching as yoda7200
December - Susan Batterton, caching as terkkin'arkie

Sharon Simmons made a motion to accept the committee reports, seconded by Sue Hayes.


1. Newsletter update – Still in progress. Working on graphics to go with articles.

2. Revision of election committee questionnaire – Discussed several proposals to the questionnaire. EuGene made a motion to accept one proposal with changes to be made, seconded by Sharon Simmons.

3. Website updates for Jason – Need web manager to post past minutes to google docs.

4. Location for April board meeting – Crowne Plaza Hotel in Little Rock on April 7.

1. Election of officers – The following persons have been elected to serve during 2017:
President – Susan Smith Dodson Sue Hayes made a motion to accept Susan as President, seconded by EuGene Smith.
Vice President – Vacant at this time Hoping to fill this position after the election.
Secretary – Sue Hayes Maribeth Laster made a motion to accept Sue as Secretary, seconded by Eugene Smith.
Treasurer – Sharon Simmons EuGene Smith made a motion to accept Sharon as Treasurer, seconded by Sue Hayes.
After discussion, Maribeth Laster made a motion to consider a change to the by-laws to elect the vice president after the election each year since the vice president usually becomes president the next year and then immediate past president their third year on the board. EuGene Smith seconded the motion. A change to the by-laws will be discussed at the April meeting.

2. Cache hiding challenge – Old River Runner posted a challenge on the forums to ArkGeo members to place 12 caches (one each month) during 2017 because the number of new caches being placed in Arkansas has declined in recent years.
After discussion by the board, Maribeth Laster proposed that we support Old River Runner’s challenge by encouraging all Arkansas geocachers to consider placing at least 12 geocaches of any type during 2017. Sue Hayes made a motion that we accept this proposal, seconded by EuGene Smith.

3. Purchase of merchandise for the store – Maribeth Laster made a motion that we set aside up to $650 to replace merchandise in the store, if needed, seconded by EuGene Smith.

The next Arkansas Geocachers Association Board meeting is to be on April 7, 2017 meeting at Crowne Plaza Hotel at 201 South Shackleford (Markham exit) in Little Rock.

Maribeth Laster made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Sue Hayes.

Respectfully submitted by Maribeth Laster, Secretary, Arkansas Geocachers Association

01-17-2017, 08:08 PM
Looks to be a very productive meeting looking forward to seeing some of the new ideas come to fruition