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07-21-2016, 04:17 AM
Minutes of the July 15, 2016 Arkansas Geocachers Association Board Meeting
218 Burdick Building, UCA, Conway, Arkansas

The Arkansas Geocachers Association July 15, 2016, Board Meeting was called to order by President Les Williams at 6:28

Members present were:
Les Williams, President
Rich Swanson, Past President
Susan Smith Dodson, Vice President
Sharon Simmons, Treasurer
Maribeth Laster, Secretary
Jackie Hefley
Phoebe Sellers

Visitors were: Ron Laster and Glenn Simmons
Absent were: Sue Hayes, Eugene Smith, and Jason Nuckols, Web Site Manager

The President’s Report was presented by Les Williams. The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Sharon Simmons.
Maribeth Laster made the motion to accept the reports, seconded by Susan Smith Dodson.

Beginning Balance



Merchandise sold Ark Geo Annual Event - Murfreesboro


Merchandise sold at Geo Coin Event & NWA Event


Merchandise sold at various events by Eugene & Susan


TOTAL Income



Check 1266 to Roostee's for Shirts


Check 1267 to Sam's for Food for Annual Event


Check 1268 to Sue Hayes for food & supplies for Annual Event


Check 1269 to Tami Smith for Donuts for Annual Event


Transfered to Pay Pal


TOTAL Expenses


Closing Balance


Pay Pal Beginning Balance


Transferred from Checking Account


Bought Pathtags from Geocoin Store


Pay Pal Ending Balance


PathTag Cash Beginning Balance


June 25 - Give Back Credit


PathTag Cash Ending Balance


Pay Pal Balance


PathTag Cash Balance


Checking Balance


Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash


The following committee reports were presented:

Elections Committee: Presented by Susan Smith Dodson
No report.

Fund Raising Committee: Present by Maribeth Laster
Fund Raising Committee Report: July 15, 2016
Committee Members:
Maribeth Laster – rklmbl (Board Liaison)
Sharon Simmons - Flyfishingcachers (Chair)
Rich Swanson - Clark~Griswold
Deanna O'Malley - Hogwildfamilyof6
Linda Tredway - Angel06
Susan Smith Dodson & Mike Dodson - St. Rock
Ron Laster - rklmbl
Sandy Fryar – likestocanoe
Judy Vaughn – MathSeeker
EuGene Smith - BUTCH46
Adam Schoenwald - Cloak.n.Dagger

Sales: Goal of $500 in sales for this year was met and surpassed.
Merchandise Sold in ArkGeo Fiscal Year 2016:
ArkGeo Annual Event, Murfreesboro (April) - $ 751
GeoCoin Event and NW Ark Event (June) - 263
Various Events sold by Susan and EuGene - 186

We have been selling at numerous events around the state, amounts are noted above.
Having Susan & Eugene have items to sell has worked out well and helped with the sales.

We are currently having another online sale of the ArkGeo Pathtag. There are 7 bags left to sale.

Community Relations Committee: Presented by Jackie Hefley
The following was sent to me by Pat Vaughn:
I wanted to give you a report on the Geocaching class at the Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center yesterday (May 26, 2016). On Wednesday, May 25, I conducted a Geocaching program at the Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center. There were 4 adults and 5 children (ages 8 to 10) present. We pulled up the geocaching website so they could all see the caches close to their homes, had a short discussion about ArkGeo and geocaching, and a Q&A session. We then went outside and found some temporary caches around the Library’s ground. All the children seemed to have fun and there was considerable interest from the adults. I think at least a couple will give geocaching a try in the near future. Angela Gardner, an Environmental Ed Programmer at the library, was very appreciative of ArkGeo for helping make her program so much fun.
And here is another one……
Just wanted to fill you in on the geocaching 101 class at the Cabot Library today. There were between 7 and 10 kids along with parents. Temp caches were hidden outside and after a short talk about ArkGeo and geocaching in general, kids were taken outside for a hands-on geocaching experience. There seemed to be a good amount of interest and hopefully we will see some new members for this area. The class was conducted by David Solomon (KSDS97). There has also been some interest expressed by the director of the older kids(13-16 yr olds) and also from the director of the adults for programs for their groups.

Events Committee: Presented by Sharon Simmons
Committee Chair – Ken and Sue Hayes

We feel the Annual Event was a very good success at Murfreesboro. The Park was very gracious to work with and bent over backwards to accommodate us in whatever we needed.

We have selected a venue for the Annual Event in 2017. The Event will be held at Lake Maumelle Park. Planning will begin soon for that event.

We have discussed various ideas to determine where our future annual events will be held. We have an idea we feel will work but would like to have ideas from the board before any decisions are made.

We held a CITO at Springhill Park at Barling (Fort Smith). This CITO was a payback to the park for the use of the Pavilion for the Hot Dog Roast & Camping for the 2014 Annual Event.

Eugene has a CITO planned at Crowleys Ridge State Park on July 16th.

Member Relations Committee: Presented by Susan Smith Dodson (for Eugene Smith)
We featured the following Geocacher Profiler of the Month:
May – Jimmy Hill – Tha_Hill
June – Adam Schoenwald – Cloak.n.Dagger
July – Becky Kinnu - Nannabear


1. The possibility of having Youth Ambassadors was discussed and after receiving additional information about the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act regulations and government monitoring, Sharon Simmons made the motion that we do not allow Youth Ambassadors. Les Williams seconded the motion.
2. The possibility of selling Geocaching Parking Tags was discussed again and it was determined that this was cost prohibitive.

1. Current lists of web site information and committee members were discussed. All Board Liaisons will contact Committee Chairpersons and ask them to contact each current committee member to verify that they are planning to be an active member of the committee in the future. Committee lists will then be updated on the ArkGeo web site.
2. Les Williams will start a Board Forum discussion item for all requests for web site changes to facilitate making needed changes easier for the Web Site Manager.
3. Phoebe Sellers asked that we reach out to law enforcement in light of recent national events. The Board is asking the Community Relations Committee to check into the best way to do this.
4. Susan Smith Dodson brought up a discussion about the newsletter and volunteered, as a member of the Membership Relations Committee, to try to re-start a quarterly newsletter.
5. The process for selecting a site for the annual meeting that meets with approval of all Arkansas Geocaching Association members was discussed at length. The committee presented a suggestion and there was further discussion. Some suggestions were made and the committee is to discuss and come up with a recommendation at the October 2016 meeting.
6. We discussed the possibility of purchasing a special geocoin to thank outgoing Board Members, but decided against it.

The next Arkansas Geocachers Assocation Board meeting is to be on October 7, 2016 in room 218 of the Burdick Building on Bruce Street, UCA, Conway.

Maribeth Laster made the motion to adjourn and Susan Smith Dodson seconded.