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06-07-2005, 09:27 AM
Im quitting caching guys...Thanks for the friendships and memories!


06-07-2005, 10:21 AM
I sure hope you will reconsider quitting, but remember you'll always be welcome here if you want to come and chat.

Jo aka LE

06-07-2005, 10:27 AM
That goes for me too, Craig. Hope your quitting is not related to ArkGeo in any way. Please let us know if we can do anything to help you to change your mind.


06-07-2005, 10:41 AM
I hope to be back...

No one did anything with ARKGEO to have me make this decision...

I have some personal things to straighten out. Hope see y'all back here soon.

06-07-2005, 11:15 AM
I sure hate to hear this. Caching needs park folks. Hope you're back real soon.

06-07-2005, 05:01 PM
Wow, ditto here!
Craig, you are a nice helpful sorta park dude. We will really miss you. Hope things work out well for you soon. Let us know if we can do anything for you!

Beth & Jim
(We love your park, too)

06-07-2005, 06:37 PM
Sorry to here that you are quitting. I hope you can at least cache occasionally. I hope everything works out for you.


06-07-2005, 06:44 PM
Good Luck to you Craig. I'm sure you are making what you feel is the best decision for you. We hope it all works out for the best . You will be missed.....poppy

06-07-2005, 06:45 PM
oops double post....sorry.

06-07-2005, 07:58 PM
Well Craig, I believe the rule for cachers is the same as for cicadas, you only have to surface once every 17 years to remain in the club. I hope
you get to come back out and play in a lot less time of course. BPNJ

06-07-2005, 08:35 PM
Craig sorry you are giving up geocaching. Hope everything works out for you. I quit every week, but then start again every weekend.

06-08-2005, 06:19 AM
Thanks everyone for the kind words. Just have some things to take care of hope to be back soon.

06-17-2005, 10:13 AM
Ok bad pun...but I am back and ready for action. I got my issues handled and am ready to get back to caching. Sorry for the abrupt leave.