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Mountainborn we had a day of geocaching yesterday like none we ever had before. You have heard the old saying " You can't get there from here" that is especially true in the hills and crooked roads of Polk Co.

If you cachers from around Little Rock have never followed Grandkid on a rough, dusty, crooked road (almost trails in some spots) You have no Idea what it is like. Grandkid smoothed out the bumps with speed. If you ever go with him be sure to take along a tow strap, Just hook it to his Suburban and ride your brakes. He will do the rest. He did all of this with a Parrot on his shoulder.

Look at the Trail Head Fun cache page and you will get an idea what yesterday was like. Grandkid 38 is a Hoot for sure. We had the best time caching with Grandkid, his wife Bunny and Mountainborn yesterday. It was a day we won't forget. If you ever get invited to go on a geocaching trip to the heart of the ouachita's with Grandkid 38 or Mountainborn don't pass it up. If you go to that area you had better take Mountainborn with you as a guide. Things will go a lot better.

We had fun. Looking forward to our next adventure.


06-29-2005, 12:17 PM
I just saw this thread ; a little late. We had a great time , including Oxford ( my african grey parrot son ). The caches are really inventive and diabolical . Lewis and Clark plus Jerimiah Johnson would be challenged here. OK Jerry , you think I drive fast ? My suburban just has an on-off switch . Bunny always wears a parachute . Caching with Jerry is like having a homing torpedo , he spots the caches from the next county . Mountainborn was a little startled to be recognized in the middle of God knows where , Jerry had informed me he drove a small utility vehicle and usually had his dog with him , plus , he wears a smile bigger than his bumper. Since I spend much of my life in la la land it had'nt occured to me seeing a guy with a parrot doing the driving would be anything unusual ..Bunny takes my idiosyncrasies in stride . Of the two of us, Oxford is the better driver . We had a great day of caching and friendship . You gotta see the new cache containers Jerry has produced.

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Looks like a fun cache trail, Mountainborn, can't wait to get out there and hunt 'em!

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I'm heading down to mena this weekend for some 4 wheeling I hope to find some.