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04-24-2015, 05:40 PM
Immediate Past President: Kent Uhrich
President: Morgan O’Neal
Executive Vice-President: Rich Swanson
Treasurer/Secretary: Judy Vaughn
Website Manager: Kevin Cackler

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Board Members present: Kent Uhrich (knkincabot), Rich Swanson (Clark~Griswold), Judy Vaughn (MathSeeker), Sharon Simmons (flyfishingcachers), Linda Tredway (Angel06), Les Williams (Savoy), and Jason Nuckols (jclaudii)
Visitors Present: none

President's Report: prepared by Rich Swanson
April 10, 2015 Board meeting

Goal 1 - Membership -- Increase active membership by 20% measured by an increase in the number of votes in the annual election in 2015. Goal includes the task of cleaning up the membership as outlined in the standing rules.
Owner: Morgan O’Neal
Status: An email was sent to members who haven’t logged on in over two years. Clean up of membership roster completed. There are 165 members.

Goal 2 - Fund Raising – Implement fund raising initiatives to raise $350.00 by 6/30/15
Owner: Sharon Simmons
Status – $534 raised since July 1, 2014. Goal met.

Goal 3 – Events – Hold 1 general membership meeting by 6/15/15.
Owner: Sandy Fryar
Status – General Membership Meeting scheduled to be held in Paris June 6, 2015.

Goal 4 – Events – Hold 4 CITO events by 6/15/15.
Owner: Jason Nuckols
Status - 3 CITO events were held. A fourth CITO will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

Goal 5 – Events – Each board member Hold 1 ‘Eat & Greet’ by 6/15/15 in the following regions of the state:
NW – Owners Morgan O’Neal and Jason Nuckols
NE – Owner Linda Tredway
Central – Owners Judy Vaughn and Rich Swanson (1 Complete and 1 scheduled for April 23rd)
SE – Owner Kent Ulhrich (Complete)
SW – Owners Sharon Simmons and Sandy Fryar (Complete)

Goal 6 – Teaching Opportunities. Teach Geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 5/31/15.
Owner: Community Relations Committee - Kent Uhrich
Status – 3 complete: Geocaching 101 class at the Janet B. Huckabee Nature center in Barling, Annual GIS Day event held at the Wyndham Riverfront in North Little Rock. Geocaching class professional development for 20 PE teachers in Bentonville .

Treasurer’s Report - Judy Vaughn
Arkansas Geocachers Association Statement of Income and Expenses
for January 9, 2015 – April 7, 2015
Prepared by Judy Vaughn, Secretary/Treasurer

Beginning Balance



Raffle and Merchandise sold at Paris Event


Geocoins sold at McGehee Event

$ 20.00

TOTAL Income

$ 134.00



TOTAL Expenses

$ 0.00

Closing Balance


PayPal Balance

$ 214.87

Checking Balance


TOTAL in Checking & PayPal


$20.00 in Merchandise bank bag
One geocoin sold through PayPal
E-Postcard has been filed with the IRS.

Website Manager's Report - Kevin Cackler

Election Committee: Linda Tredway – Board Liaison
The election committee has been busy this quarter selecting nominees for the upcoming board election. Several people were asked to run for one of the opening positions. We heard back from almost all members asked, and received yes from 5 members.

The election committee recommends the following 5 members to be on the ballot for this year’s election.
David Solomon aka KSDS97
Karen Peters aka Ladybug Karen
Jackie Hefley aka Razorback01
Maribeth Laster aka (mbl) of rklmbl
Michael Goff aka Steal Your Cache

Fund Raising Committee Report prepared by Judy Vaughn
Committee Members:
Flyfishingcachers, Chairperson
Angel 06
MathSeeker, Board Liaison
St. Rock

Committee Activities:
Fund Raising Committee sold merchandise and raffle tickets at the Paris Event.
Committee would like to purchase three bags of the ArkGeo PathTags to sell to members when they are ready.

Community Relations Committee: Kent Uhrich - Board Liaison
2/27/15, Pat and Judy presented a geocaching class to some PE teachers in Bentonville. There were 20 teachers present and only a couple had actually geocached previously. They were all very interested and participated with enthusiasm.
Started the meeting with a short history of The Arkansas Geocaching Association, how it came to be, our mission and goals. Gave about 1 ˝ hour presentation while having geocaching.com (http://geocaching.com) projected on the white board. Pointed out and explained the different areas of the cache page including the name, the coordinates, the rating system, the main body, and the hint area. Also covered travel bugs and had sample caches on display and passed a few travel bugs around the room. There was a short question and answer session and then they entered coordinates into their GPSrs of some temp caches that were hidden around the school earlier by Pat and Judy. Temps for that day were extremely cold, about 15-20 degrees with a sharp wind blowing, everyone went outside to hunt the caches! They were very excited once the first cache was found and then the race was on to be the first to find the remaining temp caches. Afterwards everyone went back inside for comments and follow up questions.
Although they were mostly interested in the physical fitness aspect of geocaching, they realized how geocaching could be incorporated into many different subjects, math, English/literature, social studies, etc. They all seemed genuinely excited and a couple even created geocaching accounts during the class.
The class finished up with a pitch to check out the ArkGeo website! Nice job Pat and Judy!
Report compiled by Kent Uhrich, Community Relations Committee Chairman

Events Committee: Sandy Fryar - Board Liaison
Quarterly report on the Events Committee
April 10, 2015

There is a great deal of work going on right now in preparation of the 2015 Annual Event. It should have been published by the time you read this report. It is being reviewed now. In addition to the actual annual event, the Hot Dog Roast and Swim and the CITO are being looked over before they are submitted for publication.
Work on the Arkansas Challenge has been put on hold until after the Annual Event.
Thank you,
Sandy Fryar

Membership Relations Committee:
Current Membership Relations Committee Members:
Morgan O'Neal - drmo913 (Board Liaison)
Ron White - ronwhite
Judy Vaughn - MathSeeker (Chair)
Justin Murphree - arkfiremedic
Sharon and Glynn Simmons - Flyfishingcachers
Mark Willis - thefab5willisclan
Chris Dickinson - Saint Aubie
Susan and Mike Dodson – St. Rock
Valerie Biendara – Ceeker7

Membership Relations Committee Activities:
Selected Arkansas Geocachers to profile on the ArkGeo website:
February 2015 - Kendall Tabor aka Coon&Bud
March 2015 - Chuck Schwab aka floaten
April 2015 - Karen Peters aka Ladybug Karen

Membership Relations Committee held a PathTag design contest, but received no entries. The committee members designed some PathTag designs and submitted them to the board to select one. The PathTags will be used as a fund raiser.

1. Goal Status – Updated in the President’s Report

2. Status of Annual Event
Annual Event/Meeting has been published GC5NPTR (http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5NPTR_raiders-of-the-lost-cache-2015-arkgeo-annual-meet)

3. Candidates for next election
David Solomon aka KSDS97
Karen Peters aka Ladybug Karen
Jackie Hefley aka Razorback01
Maribeth Laster aka (mbl) of rklmbl
Michael Goff aka Steal Your Cache

4. Board Approved the Purchase of 3 Bags of the New PathTag for Fund Raising purposes in the
board forum

1. Potential change to Bylaws: If the number of candidates equals the number of openings, then
no election will be held and candidates become board members.
Discussed this possibility and agreed that there should be an election.

2. How do we get more involvement by Board Members?
Send text messages to fellow board members when something needs voted or commented on.

3. Why are we having such a hard time finding candidates for the board?
Discussed ways to get members involved. Some members that were asked to be a candidate
for the board have personal reasons that keep them from making the three year commitment
to serve at this time.

4. Next year’s goals?
Start thinking about the goals for next year

5. Other:
There will be a drawing at the annual event for an ArkGeo Copper Geocoin. All
members who vote in the upcoming election will be entered into the drawing for the coin.

The board is sad to report that Morgan O’Neal has resigned his position on the Arkgeo Board. We had hoped that he would continue to serve faithfully as he has in the past in his position. We have been aware that he has been struggling to participate fully in board activities for some time due to some trying and important personal reasons.

Unfortunately, Morgan's situation has not changed as we had all hoped, and he let us know that it was in the best interest for his personal well-being, and for that of his family that he resign now. I'm sure that everyone understands that as much as we love our community of Geocahers, that it is more important to keep the most important things in life the priority. The Arkgeo Board fully supports Morgan and his decision, and wishes him and his family the very best.

This creates a new vacancy on the board that will be filled during the next election. Three new board members will be elected.

NOTE: Morgan’s father passed away 4/17/15. Remember Morgan’s family in prayer.

Next board meeting - July 10, 2015 (Joint Meeting of New/Old Board Members)
Following board meeting – October 9, 2015