View Full Version : Blubeards pirate cache , Burns park

05-05-2005, 09:36 AM
We ordered a number of items from a Rhode Island toy company, i.e.,pirate telescopes (they work and are very nice) stuffed animals , bears with hearts , turtles from the movie Nemo..they were out of the Nemo fish , rubber ducks, key chain flashlights, compasses , etc.. Our wish is for this cache to be visited any time you have kids that have never been geocaching. The chest is full to the brim . We have taken kids here several times , let them find it with our gps , break open the chest and plunder . We combine this with a picnic , rides , playgrounds, and some other easy to reach caches. Much to the parents delight the kids go home exhausted and hit the sack early holding their treasures. We watch this cache frequently, however; if it ever seems anemic or disappointing please email ..we have a lot more to add at any time..and , we do encourage plundering by our little pirate guest. Our other Nemo characters are on back order. The trail to this cache is easy , clear of vegetation and most bugs..however, PLEASE use bug spray for the last 20 ft . If you have photos to share with us we really enjoy them. My little Alexis , 4yo, had her first bunking party a few weeks ago . We took them all to Mass the next morning and then geocaching, picnicing ,etc., ;the parents tell me their kids have never stopped talking about their adventure .

05-05-2005, 03:20 PM
Argh! That be a mighty fine idea. Good job, matey.