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ArkGeo Board Minutes

July 11, 2014

Immediate Past President: Kent Uhrich
President: Morgan O’Neal
Executive Vice-President: Rich Swanson
Treasurer/Secretary: Judy Vaughn
Website Manager: Kevin Cackler

Start conference call recording
Open Discussion

Board Members present:
Kent Uhrich
Morgan O’Neal
Judy Vaughn
Rich Swanson
Sandy Fryar
Sharon Simmons
Linda Tredway – phone
Kevin Cackler

Kim Uhrich

** President's Report: prepared by Kent Uhrich
Goal 1 - Membership -- Increase registered voters by 20% by 5/31/13.
Owner: Kent Uhrich
Status – 07/11/14 As of 07/11/14 there were 300 registered voters. Of the 300 registered voters 141 have not signed on in over 24 months.

Goal 2 - Fund Raising – Implement 2 fund raising initiatives to raise $350.00 by 5/31/14
Owner: Judy Vaughn
Status – 07/11/14 - With the purchase of new merchandise along with selling of new and old merchandise, funding 2014 state event, we have met this goal.

Goal 3 – Events – Hold 1 general membership meeting by 6/15/14.
Owner Sandy Fryer
Status – 07/11/14 Event was held on June 7, 2014 at Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center in Ft. Smith Arkansas

Goal 4 – Events – Hold 2 CITO events by 6/15/14. – Owner Kent Uhrich
Status - 07/11/14 1 CITO was held in Feburary 1, 2014 at Sparda Park in Clarksville.
Status – 07/11/14 1 CITO was held on June 28, 2014 at Janet Huckabee Nature Center in Ft. Smith.

Goal 5 – Events – Hold 2 ‘Eat & Greets’ by 6/15/14 in the following regions of the state:
NW – Planned on this date this location – Owners Morgan and Kent
NE – Planned on this date this location – Owners Linda and Chris
Central – Planned on this date this location – Owners Mark and Judy
SE – Planned on this date and this location – Owners Ron and Jim
SW – Planned on this date and this location – Sandy and Ron
Status – 07/11/14
1 event held in Central in Nov
1 event held in SE in Nov
1 event held in SW in Feb

Goal 6 – Teaching Opportunities. Teach Geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 5/31/14.
Owner: Community Relations Committee - Kent Uhrich
Status – 10/11/13 July 18 ArkGeo taught at East Lab.
Status - 01/12/14 Nov ArkGeo attended the GIS event in Little Rock.
Status - 04/11/14 – Feb ArkGeo helped Lake Ouachita State Park in teaching a Geocaching Workshop.
Status - 04/11/14 - April ArkGeo President was asked to speak to Cabot Girl Scouts and then take them on a geocaching adventure to find 5 geocaches.

This format should keep our goals and progress out in the open and help keep us accountable.

** Treasurer’s Report:

Arkansas Geocachers Association Statement of Income and Expenses

for April 11, 2014 – July 11, 2014
Prepared by Judy Vaughn, Secretary/Treasurer

Beginning Balance



Geocoin sold on ebay


Fundraising: Merchandise & Raffle


Transfer Money from PayPal


TOTAL Income

$ 705.25



$ 361.12

Annual Event - Food

$ 300.24

TOTAL Expenses

$ 661.36

Closing Balance



PayPal Balance

$ 190.21

Checking Balance


TOTAL in Checking & PayPal


$20.00 in Merchandise bank bag

* Website Manager's Report: Kevin Cackler
Everything is going good with the website.


** Election Committee: Chris Denton - Board Liaison
Election was held. 72 members voted in the election.

Real Name

Caching Name

Number of Votes


Sharon Simmons



Rich Swanson



Kristie Boucher Moore



Jason Nuckols



Les Williams



David Solomon



Jackie Hefley



** Fund Raising Committee: Judy Vaughn - Board Liaison
Committee Members:
Flyfishingcachers, Chairperson
Angel 06
MathSeeker, Board Liaison

Committee Activities:
More Tye dyed T-shirts were ordered/purchased. ($361.12)
Committee is working on getting the Path Tag back design drawn.
Committee solicited items to be raffled at the Annual Meeting.
Raffle was conducted and merchandise was sold at the Annual Meeting Event. ($485.25)
Coins were sold through PayPal: 6 coins ($74.26 after postage and fees)

** Community Relations Committee: Kent Uhrich - Board Liaison
Nothing new to report for this quarter.

** Events Committee: Sandy Fryer - Board Liaison
Respectively submitted by Sandy Fryar, please see following for the quarterly report from the Arkgeocaching.org Event's Committee.

The 2014 Annual Event was a success with 102 in attendance. The event in general was considered a great one by the majority of the events committee. There are always problems, but as we move forward the committee will attempt to iron out the wrinkles.

The 2015 Annual Event was originally recommended to be held in Little Rock at the Nature Center, but in the weeks since then there has been a great deal of communication concerning the event. Since little to no work has been done toward next year's meeting in Little Rock the general membership of the committee would like the board to consider and vote on holding the Annual Arkgeo meeting in Paris, AR. A local geocacher in Paris has done quite a bit of footwork toward that goal and has obtained some sponsorship toward the cost of the event. The committee believes that the best place to hold next year's meeting would be Paris. The Little Rock location was chosen quickly and without being able to contact all the committee members in an effort to have a date ready for announcement at the meeting. This they believe was done too fast and is one of the corrections that the committee will try to make for the 2016 Annual meeting.

There are no updates for an Arkansas Challenge for 2014. The committee chairperson has not finalized a location. Updates to follow on the Forums.

The Events Committee would like to welcome Sharon Simmons, Kristie Boucher and Rich Swanson to the Board and state that they are looking forward to working with these new members.

** Membership Relations Committee: Morgan O’Neal - Board Liaison

Current Membership Relations Committee Members:
Morgan O'Neal - drmo913 (Board Liaison)
Ron White - ronwhite
Judy Vaughn - MathSeeker (Chair)
Justin Murphree - arkfiremedic
Sharon and Glynn Simmons - Flyfishingcachers
Mark Willis - thefab5willisclan
Chris Dickinson - Saint Aubie

Membership Relations Committee Activities:
Selected Arkansas Geocachers to profile on the ArkGeo website:
May Jim & Susan Yeager aka Apache Scout and Sioux-ZQ
June Richard Swanson aka The_Griswolds
July Kristie Moore aka Guisti

ArkGeo Newsletter:
discussed but is currently in hiatus


I. Possibility of selling ArkGeo coins on eBay. (Kent Uhrich was given 10 coins to
sell on eBay)

II. Arkansas Challenge – No update – Events Committee is still looking for a location

III. 2015 State Event – Motion by Sandy Fryar with Second by Morgan O’Neal

Motion: Events Committee desires the board to rescind the vote for the 2015 Annual Meeting to be in Little Rock and to change the location of the 2015 Annual Meeting to the fairgrounds in Paris, AR.
Motion Carried. The 2015 ArkGeo Annual Meeting will be held at the Paris, AR fairgrounds.

IV. Cache of the Month\Year (Kent/Membership Committee)
- Membership Relations Committee will review when they get the guidelines.


I. Welcome New Board Members:
-Sharon Simmons (Flyfishingcachers)
-Rich Swanson (The_Griswolds)
-Kristie Moore (Guwisti)

II. ArkGeo Goals 2015:
Goal 1 Membership: Increase active membership by 20% which would be measured by the increase of the number of votes in the annual election of board members in 2015. Owner: Morgan O'Neal

Goal includes the task of cleaning up the membership as outlined in the standing rules: "Web site accounts that have not been active for over two years and have no forum posts will be deleted. Web site accounts that have been inactive for over two years, but that have forum posts will have voting privileges removed." This task is to include sending a verification email to the membership who would be either having their accounts inactive or having their voting privileges deleted to let them know they are at risk to allow them an opportunity to log in to keep their membership/voting privileges.

Motion by Kent Uhrich with Second by Sandy Fryar
Motion: Membership Relations Committee will create an email to send to members with inactive accounts. Copy of email will be posted in the board forum for approval. After approval from the board Membership Relations Committee will send email to members that have not logged on in the last 2 years.
Motion Carried.

Goal 2 Fund Raising: Implement 2 fund raising initiatives to raise $350 by 06/30/15 Owner: Sharon Simmons

Goal 3 Events: Hold 1 general membership meeting by 6/15/15.
Owner: Sandy Fryar

Goal 4 Events: Hold 4 CITO Events by 06/15/15.
Owner: Kristie Moore

Goal 5 Events: Hold 1 "Eat and Greet” by 6/15/15 per board member.
NW-Morgan O'Neal and Kristie Moore
NE-Linda Tredway
Central-Judy Vaughn and Rich Swanson
SE-Kent Uhrich
SW-Sharon Simmons and Sandy Fryar

Goal 6 Teaching Opportunities: Teach geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 5/31/15.

Motion made by Sandy Fryar with Second from Kent Uhrich to accept the goals. Motion carried.

III. Assignment of Committee Liaisons
-Election Committee: Linda Tredway
-Fund Raising Committee: Judy Vaughn
-Community Relations Committee: Kent Uhrich
-Events Committee: Sandy Fryar
-Membership Relations Committee: Morgan O’Neal

IV. Bylaws & Standing Rules
ArkGeo Board will review the bylaws and standing rules

V. Communication
Quarterly Meetings: To be announced 2 weeks out by secretary/treasurer
With the Agenda posted by the president

VI. Other Business
Mark Willis resigned from the board.
Election of vice president – Rich Swanson nominated by Kent Uhrich second by Linda Tredway – Vote carried

Motion made by Rich Swanson with Second by Sandy Fryar
Motion: Ask Jason Nuckols to serve on the board to replace Mark Willis since Jason was the person with the next highest vote count in the annual election and Mark resigned before the first quarterly meeting.
Motion carried.
ADDENDUM: We as a board realized we needed to take a different process concerning the open position after reviewing the ArkGeo bylaws/rules. There will be an election to fill the open position.

Committee members added:
Mike and Susan Dodson added to the Membership Relations and Fund Raising Committees.
Valerie Biendara added to Membership Relations Committee.

Orientation of new board members – outgoing board members should attend the July meeting and help new members with orientation

October meeting date changed to October 3, 2014 due to several board members going to an event in Oklahoma the following weekend.
January board meeting will be held in Clarksville at the Best Western on January 9, 2015 due to many of the board members going to Paris for the event the next day.


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08-02-2014, 07:05 AM
Thanks for posting the minutes! I apologize if my other thread that the minutes weren't out yet might be interpreted as pointing the finger at any Board member in particular. That was not my intent and was a poor choice of words. My point was that the minutes are supposed to be out within 2 weeks after the meeting, and that this is the entire Board's responsibility to see that it happens, and to hold each other accountable to make it happen.

Just a couple of questions/comments on these minutes:

1) Regarding the review of the Bylaws/Standing Rules, the minutes don't give me a real sense that the Board is taking this seriously and will actual do something. All the minutes say is, "ArkGeo Board will review the bylaws and standing rules." This doesn't say that you plan on changing anything. No one is in charge of it, to see that it happens, and you have provided no date by which you plan on having it done. Obviously,I don't know what was discussed at the meeting, but this comes across to me as a "blow off" of the item. So, are there any serious plans to do this? And if so, why not involve folks from the general membership to help out? If you want more members involved in activities, you need to open up opportunities.

2) The whole thing about replacing the open Board position created by the resignation of Mark Willis is very unclear to me. Is Jason Nuckols now on the Board, or not? The minutes indicate that he was voted on by the Board, but the Addendum section implies that he was not, even though the Board already approved it. So does this Addendum apply to vacancies going forward, and Jason is on the Board now? Or does there need to be another election to fill the slot left open when Mark resigned? If so, when is this election going to be held? I would think it needs to happen pretty quickly, so that the vacancy is filled by the next Board meeting. So please provide more information on what is going on with this.

Thanks for your work!

08-02-2014, 09:32 PM
Thanks for the comments, Frank.
No issues to holding the board accountable. My apologies for holding up the publication of the minutes. I will explain the reason below in item 2.

1. Regarding the review of the Bylaws/Standing Rules:
A. Our plan for this quarter is to review the Bylaws and Standing Rules ourselves in-depth so we can make recommendations either to keep or change.
B. Pertaining to ownership: If there is no one listed as an owner of the topic, then the ownership of the project falls to the office of the President.
C. Pertaining to the timeline: if an issue is listed in the minutes without resolution or tabling, then it is by default on the agenda for the next quarterly meeting.
D. Pertaining to what was discussed: All are always welcome to attend the meetings either by phone or in person. Nothing is meant to be hidden. As hinted at above in item A, we as a board plan to review the bylaws and standing rules ourselves. It wasn't something that we were ready to discuss at the time of this quarter's meeting.
E. Pertaining to opening the topic up to the general membership: Great idea! I was locked into thinking about forming a committee. However, a committee needs to have guidelines and recommendations to work from. As a fulfillment to your suggestion, I will be opening a thread in the "From the board" forum using the boards account name for the general membership to make suggestions. I look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions in that thread.

2. Regarding the open board position:
A. Mark resigned the day of the meeting and created an opportunity to fill the position.
B. Jason is not on the board.
C. The board did vote to have Jason on the board, but upon review of the standing rules and bylaws, we felt the vote was incorrect because of the current statement of the rules concerning the election of a board member.
D. Linda is working with Chris and the election committee to get process going. The plan is to have 30 days of opening up "petition" process for anyone who wants to run, and then have 30 days to vote. The board member is to join the board at the next meeting.
E. I had the minutes delayed until we reached a decision pertaining what process and action we as a board would be taking concerning the open position.
F. I'm sorry if the addendum was ambiguous. It was my choice of approved wording for it. I hope this outlined statement helps explain the processes and the reasons to the addendum. There had been discussion to striking the motion from the minutes, but the minutes need to be true to what occurred in discussion and action at the meeting. The addendum was the best choice. Again, I'm sorry to the wording.

Any other thoughts, questions or feedback?
Thanks for taking the time to comment!

08-06-2014, 03:28 PM
Thank you, Morgan.
topkitty98 aka Beth