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04-26-2014, 07:05 PM
ArkGeo Board Meeting
Minutes for April 11, 2014

Immediate Past President: Chris Denton
President: Kent Uhrich
Executive Vice-President: Morgan O’Neal
Treasurer/Secretary: Judy Vaughn
Website Manager: Kevin Cackler

ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION (6:00-6:30) Start conference call recording
Open Discussion

Board Members present: Chris Denton, Kent Uhrich, Judy Vaughn, Sandy Fryar, Linda Tredway (call in)
Visitors: Jim Fryar, Sharon Simmons, Kim Uhrich and Pat Vaughn


President's Report: by Kent Uhrich
Goal 1 - Membership -- Increase registered voters by 20% by 5/31/13.
Owner: Kent Uhrich
Status – 04/11/14 As of 01/14/14 there were 282 registered voters. We have 285 registered voters need 53 more registered voters to meet this goal.

Goal 2 - Fund Raising – Implement 2 fund raising initiatives to raise $350.00 by 5/31/14
Owner: Judy Vaughn
Status – 10/11/13

Goal 3 – Events – Hold 1 general membership meeting by 6/15/14.
Owner Sandy Fryar
Status – 01/15/14 Event is planned June 7, 2014 at Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center in Ft. Smith Arkansas

Goal 4 – Events – Hold 2 CITO events by 6/15/14. – Owner Kent Uhrich
Status – 01/15/14 1 CITO event planned on June 8, 2014 at State meet.

Goal 5 – Events – Hold 2 ‘Eat & Greets’ by 6/15/14 in the following regions of the state:
NW – Planned on this date this location – Owners Morgan and Kent
NE – Planned on this date this location – Owners Linda and Chris
Central – Planned on this date this location – Owners Mark and Judy
SE – Planned on this date and this location – Owners Ron and Jim
SW – Planned on this date and this location – Sandy and Ron
Status – 01/15/14
1 event held in Central in Nov
1 event held in SE in Nov
1 event held in SW in Feb

Goal 6 – Teaching Opportunities. Teach Geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 5/31/14.
Owner: Community Relations Committee - Kent Uhrich
Status – 10/11/13 July 18 ArkGeo taught at East Lab.
Status - 01/12/14 Nov ArkGeo attended the GIS event in Little Rock.
Status - 04/11/14 – Feb ArkGeo helped Lake Ouachita State Park in teaching a Geocaching Workshop.

This format should keep our goals and progress out in the open and help keep us accountable.

Treasurer's Report:
Arkansas Geocachers Association Statement of Income and Expenses
for January 17, 2014 – April 11, 2014
Prepared by Judy Vaughn, Secretary/Treasurer

Beginning Balance




$ 0.00

TOTAL Income

$ 0.00



TOTAL Expenses

$ 0.00

Closing Balance



PayPal Balance

$ 315.95

Checking Balance


TOTAL in Checking & PayPal


$20.00 in Merchandise bank bag

Taxes: e-Postcard filed with the IRS

Website Manager's Report: No report

Election Committee: submitted by board liaison, Chris Denton

The election committee has been busy in the past quarter selecting nominees for the upcoming board election. Several people were asked to run for one of the three spots opening up this year. We heard back from almost all members asked, and received yes from 7 members.

The election committee recommends the following 7 members to be on the ballot for this years election.
Guisiti – Kristie Moore
Flyfishingcachers – Sharon Simmons
paladinds1961(KSDS97) - David Solomon
Razorback01 – Jackie Hefley
Griswolds - Rich Swanson
Savoy - Les Williams
jclaudii - Jason Nuckols

Fund Raising Committee: Judy Vaughn, Board Liaison
The Fund Raising Committee discussed various fund raising ideas:
Pathtag Back Designs
Raffle items at the Annual Meeting Event
Ordering more tye dye t-shirts

Community Relations Committee: Kent Uhrich, Board Liaison
Pat V. of the Community Relations Committee attended the Lake Quachita State Park workshop for Geocaching.

The workshop covered topics such as:
What is Geocaching and how it is played
How are caches hidden
What are TB’s
Covered some sample geocaches
Actually found two geocaches

Other members present was Judy V.

Events Committee: Sandy Fryer, Board Liaison
The Annual event planning is going well. The committee has the schedule complete except for filling the 11 am slot. They are searching for a guest speaker or other activity. They did ask for suggestions from the membership if there are any.

The plan at this point is to hold a different type of Camo Contest by hiding the caches near the location of the Event. It is felt that this would give the creator and owner of the cache a better chance to highlight their cache. Other random activities are in the works.

The Hotdog roast and campout is still TBA, the committee is awaiting a callback from Springhill Park and will soon have more information on this. The committee requested permission from the board to rent a pavilion if necessary.

The Annual CITO that will follow on Sunday is going well. They requested that the members that are planning on assisting with this CITO bring gloves, trash bags, pinchers, and any other item that would make the work easier.

Event Committee member guwisti has started a thread to assist the committee members is soliciting donations. They asked for the board to clarify on "who's role" it is to solicit donations and prizes on behalf of the organization in connection with the Annual Event.

The upcoming Fall Arkansas Challenge is in the works. An area of United Forest Service is the hoped area for this Event. They are currently contacting UFS offices and will report as soon as they have anything solid.

Membership Relations Committee: Morgan O’Neal, Board Liaison
Selected Arkansas Geocachers to profile on the ArkGeo website:
February - Ken and Sue Hayes aka Nukeworker and Racquetball Girl
March - Glynn and Sharon Simmons aka Flyfishingcachers
April - Jackie Hefley aka Razorback01


I. Possibility of selling ArkGeo coins on Ebay. (Kent Uhrich)
1 coin sold for a total of $18.00
Kent will try to list more coins on ebay.

II. Arkansas Challenge – Events Committee will make recommendation to the board

III. 2015 State Event
Location ? Should be where the most members can attend

IV. Cache of the Month/Year
Kent will send the guidelines to the Membership Committee for review.
Membership committee to review requirements and make recommendations.

V. Ideas to get members to register to vote
To vote win a Arkgeo coin (Bronze)
Add to newsletter and send emails about voting

VI. New fundraisers ideas:
Raffle at the Annual Meeting Event
Motion by Chris Denton with Second by Sandy Fryar: Allow Fund Raising Committee to have a raffle during the 2014 Annual Meeting Event. Fund Raising Committee will work with the Events Committee to obtain items for the raffle. Motion Carried.
Tye Dye T-shirts
Motion by Kent Uhrich with Second by Linda Tredway: Give permission for the Fund Raising Committee to spend $300 on more Tye Dye t-shirts. Motion carried.
Pathtag Back Design
Motion made by Sandy Fryar with Second by Chris Denton: For Fund Raising Committee to go forward with the Pathtag Back Design with basic one color logo. Motion Carried.

VII. ArkGeo Phone list - no update


I. ArkGeo Goals - discuss committee charters

II. Opportunities for members
Post in forums
Serve on Committees
Volunteer Opportunities

III. Election Committee
Chris Denton will serve as chairperson starting July 1.

IV. Paying for State Events
Offering the packages at this time is not cost effective. It would also have adverse effect on fund raising.

V. Game and Fish Commission
Kent Uhrich made contact. Permits should be available by the end of 2014 or 1st quarter of 2015.

Next board meeting July 11, 2014
Following board meeting – October 10, 2014
Following board meeting – January 09, 2015


04-28-2014, 10:29 AM
Under New Business IV. How would offering packages at State events have an adverse effect on fundraising? I would think raising funds would have a beneficial effect on fundraising.

07-07-2014, 08:51 AM
Ok. Found it in here. Our next board meeting is July 11th? I haven't seen anything posted or been sent anything to let me know this. :( Can someone verify that this is actually when the meeting is? Also something to let me know where and what time would be great. As a new board member I do not know these things. Thank you!