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04-17-2014, 12:23 PM
Hello from the Arkansas Geocachers Association.

As many of you know, our board elections are coming up in May. We will have 3 board positions to fill this year. The good news about that is we have 7 members who are running for those three spots.

With that out of the way, let me introduce you to your candidates.

1. guwisti

Real Name: Kristie Boucher Moore

Caching Name: Guwisti

Date I started geocaching: Feb. 26, 2010

Date I joined ArkGeo: Feb. 28, 2010

Vision For ArkGeo: I would like to see ArkGeo become a more supportive and welcoming organization for not only its members, but for all the geocachers in Arkansas. I see ArkGeo as a starting place for new geocachers or new to the area geocachers and a helping hand and place of camaraderie to those who have geocached here for a while. Promote events, “how-to” type guidance, more open lines of communication, and most importantly promote the fun of geocaching!

One Thing I would like to accomplish as a Board Member: I would like to see ArkGeo partner with local Keep Arkansas Beautiful (KAB) affiliates to host or help other local geocachers host CITOs in communities across Arkansas. There are currently 14 KAB affiliates in Arkansas and I would be willing to bet that all 14 of those areas have local geocachers. That is an opportunity for at least 14 CITO’s in our state per year, if not 28! Think how beautiful we could keep our geocaching playground and state if we made this partnership and connection.

Why do I want to serve on the Board: To help promote geocaching and keep it fun, plain and simple.

2. KSDS97 (paladinds1961)

Real Name: David F Solomon

Caching Name: KSDS97, KS is for my wife Kim, DS is for me and 97 was the YEAR we got married. Formally known as Paladinds1961.

Date I started geocaching: UMM that depends on what you mean by started? The date I created my geocaching.com account as 9/29/2011, but the first two Finds were 12/31/2011.

Date I joined ArkGeo: 2/3/2012

Vision For ArkGeo: ArkGeo should be the group a cacher wants to belong to. As an association of geocachers I think that we should have the kind of fun that we not only bring geocachers to but our friends and family.

One Thing I would like to accomplish as a Board Member: Develop a Caching Social Calender that is so fun and exciting that you do not want to miss any of it. There are some exciting, fun events that occur each year.

Why do I want to serve on the Board: 1: Someone has to 2: I get the feeling from past conversations and readings that it seems to be somewhat difficult to get people to serve. 3: If Mark Wills can do it so can I 4: The most important of all. If it where not for ArkGeo and events I would have not met so many of you and I would not be caching today. I see serving on the Board as a way to give back just a small part of what has been given to me.

3 Flyfishingcachers

Real Name: Sharon Simmons

Caching Name: Flyfishingcachers

Date I started geocaching:
January 2007, we did not geocache during 2008 due to family obligations, we started back in January 2009

Date I joined ArkGeo:
June 6, 2009 after attending our first event which was the annual meeting at Lake Ouachita State Park

Vision For ArkGeo:
I would like to see ArkGeo try their best to involve all geocachers in Arkansas in working together to introduce all areas of our state to geocaching. A great way to do this is through schools, groups like Scouts and FHA, & working more with our State Parks. I have helped with some of these groups. It is a lot of fun working with the children & seeing their enthusiasm. I realize this is already being done in certain parts of the state, but would like to see our organization become more involved with this in all areas of our state. This would take involvement from not only the Board but all geocachers in the State.

One Thing I would like to accomplish as a Board Member:
I would like to work with the other board members to bring statewide geocachers together to make ArkGeo the best we can be so we can promote geocaching throughout the state. It seems like we have some areas of our state involved but only in their close proximity. If we could all manage to work together we could reach more people in our state and make our good organization much better. Everyone has to be willing to work together to make this happen, general members and board members together. We could do so much more if everyone would become involved.

Why do I want to serve on the Board:
I want to serve on the board to try my best to work with the other board members and our general members to make our state organization the best we can be at promoting geocaching throughout the state of Arkansas. Our state can benefit so much through geocaching. This already happens through the many CITO’s and other events held throughout the state. We need to make our state benefit even more through geocaching. Geocaching is such a good tool to promote family fun times together and to promote our great state parks and the many trails throughout Arkansas.

4. The_Griswolds

Real Name: Rich Swanson

Caching Name: Clark Griswold

Date I started geocaching: April 27, 2003

Date I joined ArkGeo: June 20, 2004 I was on the original nine person board so I guess that makes me a charter member.

Vision For ArkGeo:
I would like for geocaching to become more popular and well known in Arkansas so that when someone asks me what my favorite hobby is I don’t have to explain it to them.

One Thing I would like to accomplish as a Board Member:
Increase communication with the members in both directions to help minimize the misunderstandings that sometimes pop up on the forums.

Why do I want to serve on the Board
I served two years on the original board before I had to resign due to moving out of state. I enjoyed the teamwork and accomplishments of the organization. I am retiring next year and will have the time to devote to serving on the board.

5. Savoy
Real Name: Les Williams

Caching Name: Savoy

Date I started geocaching:

Good one... It was sometime early in 2001, not too long after it all started. I remember because that year I got REAL excited that a cache posted which was REALLY close, so I packed up the kids and ran out there before anyone else could get to it - it was out at Petit Jean Mountain (I lived in Little Rock) Geocaching and the geocaching community has changed a lot since then.

Date I joined ArkGeo:

It was late 2004 I think. I left the US in August of 2001 to work overseas in Asia and South America. I joined ArkGeo in 2004 to try and stay connected to our home here in the U.S. and my Geocaching buddies in Arkansas.

Vision For ArkGeo:

I'm a bit of a dreamer, so don't be too hard on me I'd love to see a Mega event hosted here in the next couple of years - Arkansas has SO MUCH to offer and we are centrally located with great Geobuddies in the surrounding states.

I'm a bit "event" oriented so here is another dream. We have some GREAT area associations that do AWESOME events. We also have a few areas in the state where we don't have that many - it would be cool if we could take a couple of these very successful events "on the road" so to speak to some of those less event-frequented areas as way sharing ideas and experiences ALL across the state.

In the area of education and outreach, geocaching is becoming more 'mainstream' so I'd love to think of more ways to capture the attention of the media in a positive way so we can bring more "next generation" geocachers into G.community. I really believe in 'passing the baton mentality' so being purposeful in passing our passion for this hobby (and for some a way of life) on down the line is important if we hope to have an impact as a group in the long view.

One Thing I would like to accomplish as a Board Member:

This isn't so much a 'thing' but if I left the Board after serving as being thought of as 'that guy that really could be counted on' to take on the goals we set as a group, I'd be a VERY happy geo.Camper. If that's too broad to count as a real answer to this question, then I'd say; I've lived all around the world. I'd love to bring some of those experiences and perspective to the board.

Why do I want to serve on the Board

I love geocaching, but moreover I love our geocaching community. In my experience, geocachers around the world are awesome. But Arkansas has something VERY exceptional - the people and the place are connected in a unique way, and you can feel it. Service to the board will provide me a way support this special place and community.

6. Jclaudii

Real Name:
Jason Nuckols

Caching Name:
jclaudii (Though on gc.com I am jclaudii & southerngirl as my wife and I have a combined account)

Date I started geocaching:
December of 2006 after I got a gps for Christmas

Date I joined ArkGeo:
about a month later after I ran into several other arkgeo members out caching.

Vision For ArkGeo:
To return, once again as, an organization that helps promote and educate geocaching to everyone in Arkansas, especially those within government that have very tight rules or regulations for geocaching or to some that completely forbid it (agfc). To also have increased transparency and communication so all members can contribute.

One Thing I would like to accomplish as a Board Member:
There are many, but narrowing it down to one would be to start dialogs with the AGFC and US Forest Service so we can educate the administrators and employees in hopes that we can guide their polices in a more geocachig friendly state. I have heard that 2014 is the year that the USFS is reviewing several polices from the ATV trial map to other use polices, which would include geoaching. Being that we are in a large district that covers many states, it may be best if we work together with other geocaching groups, clubs, and organizations form other states.

Why do I want to serve on the Board?:
To help bring some focus back to the organization. I agree that meet-n-greets, cito's, etc are great for the organization, but I think the official stance could be loosened a bit so more "members" can represent arkgeo at these events. I think better communication will help achieve most of this goal so individual's can represent arkgeo. As our hobby grows, I also think we should think about public service, show the 911 dispatch, USFS rangers, etc on where and how to find caches. This could help with the bomb squad calls and be good PR for us to help the government.

7. Razorback01

pending questionnaire.

Mickey McGillicutty
05-02-2014, 05:45 PM
VOTED! Boom! Hope everyone that can, does!

05-02-2014, 08:55 PM
Do we have an updated questionnaire on Razorback01?

05-14-2014, 08:37 AM
Still requesting if we have an updated questionnaire on Razorback01, but I guess since the month is half gone that most people have voted anyway.

05-14-2014, 09:00 AM
Jackie actually decided not to run and has been removed from the voting.

05-14-2014, 10:57 AM
Okay, thank you for replying.

05-14-2014, 06:02 PM
This actually just happened over the weekend. Judy and I received a message from him wishing not to run. Sorry for any confusion this has added to the process.