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Mickey McGillicutty
11-21-2013, 01:17 PM
GCGN64 - Supper Time (http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCGN64_supper-time?guid=ae2fa25c-bb1d-4754-9a38-c9d69c7f2588)


While visiting the Charlie Brown Museum, Signal McGillicutty had to stop by & ask Lucy for some advice.
He plunked down his Buffalo nickel & let the Phobia Aficionado take a crack at his dilemma.

Lucy: Are you afraid of long words? If you are, then you have Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.
Signal: That's Supercalifragilisticexpialiridiculous! So no.

Lucy: How about cats? If you're afraid of cats, you have Ailurophasia.
Signal: Only if "they" see me!

Lucy: Are you afraid of crossing the street, if so you have Agyrophobia.
Signal: My cousin Frogger had that, but I'm much quicker than him!

Lucy: OK, Blennophobia? The fear of slime.
Signal: Hey, what are you trying to say?

Lucy: What about Ophidiophobia, that's a fear of snakes?
Signal: Me AND Mrs McGillicutty for sure! Go on...

Lucy: Fear of insects, Entomophobia? Fear of spiders, Arachnophobia? Fear of worms, Scoleciphobia? Fear of ants, Myrmecophobia?
Signal: Nope, nope, nope & nope. That's breakfast, lunch, dinner & a late night snack!

Lucy: How about a fear of chickens? That's Alektorophobia.
Signal: Yes absolutely, those birds are the DEVIL! But keep going.

Lucy: Are you afraid of chopsticks? If you are, then you have Consecotaleophobia. Maybe you have Aichmophobia.
That is fear of forks, knives, and other pointy things. Or Mageirocophobia, which is the fear of cooking.
Signal: Only in Arkansas or Chinatown! Ba dum ching!

Lucy: Or maybe you have Ranidaphobia. Do you think you have Ranidaphobia?
Signal: What's Ranidaphobia?
Lucy: The fear of frogs...
Signal: THAT'S IT! Thanks Lucy, I have GOT to stay away from those crazy fools!

Thanks Peanuts gang & Alamogul for the fun smiley! Next time we'll bring back the whole McGillicutty crew & check out the inside of the museum!