View Full Version : An adventure in Burns park

04-04-2005, 03:31 PM
The following are excerpts from cache logs last Friday. The area involved was the equestrian area just north of the covered bridge. I was headed to Guido and Clever Cameron GCN4HN (now archived).......

After finding The Great Wall cache dummy poppy headed to The Race For The Cure multi. Soon he found that to get there he would be required to walk on water.

Realizing that was not going to happen he started a bushwhack to this cache. Suddenly he was confronted by two extremely angry sounding and acting pit bull dogs.

He just stopped and tried to decide what to do if they attacked.

Fortunately the decided to stand and bark and poppy slid away watching them for some time. At one point they began to approach again but he was yelling and waving at the and he retreated again.

Eventually he put enough distance between them to concentrate on the cache. Poppy did get to the cache............... ......................The trip up to the Blazer was wary but uneventful. However the pit bull episode was not yet over......

Now part of the log for Arkansas Hog Rally GCKKNV .............

Poppy decided to park near the scout trailhead and walk down the clearing to approach the Bug Motel III cache. After leaving it he was headed to this cache and looked at the Blazer from the clearing only to see one of the two confrontational Pit Bull dogs standing behind the Blazer looking around. .......................... ..........That will make you get a bit cotton mouthed. We were able to get across the road without the dog coming after poppy......... ............Preparing for the worst poppy approaches the vehicle only to be dismayed by the absence of the Pit Bulls. After starting the drive south he did meet them both running north on the road. The next stop was the NLR animal shelter. As soon as the two loose dogs were mentioned the officer ask if the were pit bulls. Hearing that they were indeed three trucks departed toward where they were last seen.

I do not know if they caught the dogs or not but I am glad they did not attack and that I did not have a small child with me. Actually it seems much scarier to me now than then. I guess I just reacted at the time.....poppy