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11-02-2013, 05:53 PM
The Membership Relations Committee is happy to showcase some ArkGeo Geocachers through the "Geocacher Profile". The committee thought Don Guthrie aka TinmanJones should be the next cacher to be in the spotlight.

What is your geocaching name?

How did you choose your handle?
I was part of a band called "Tinman Jones" for many years. I became a geocacher several years after Tinman Jones disbanded, so I decided to use the name in order to spark conversation, as well as keeping the name alive. www.tinmanjones.com (http://www.tinmanjones.com)

How long have you been geocaching?
Since December 6, 2009.

How did you find your first Geocache, and which one was it?
After asking "what is geocaching?" on FaceBook, in 2009, Arkfiremedic quickly answered & we quickly set up a time to meet so he and 2ter could "show me the ropes." Old Meets New (GC1EY3R) was the first cache I logged. It was an ammo box, so I'm sure he chose that cache to get me hooked. And it worked.

Who usually goes with you when you go caching?
From 2009 till early 2013, it was mostly Juan Pablo (my teenage son) & I hitting the trails. I've also done ALOT of caching with Arkfiremedic & 2ter. As of early 2013, Mz. Muggle (my wife) has become an active part of my caching ontarage.

How long will you work on puzzle caches before you give up?
I rarely do puzzles. If AFM & I are tackling caches together, I'll spend a lot more time on them, because I know he'll eventually figure it out for me.

What town/areas have you most enjoyed caching in?
I LOVE getting out of LA (lower Arkansas) & finding caches. I've spent some time finding awesome caches in Hot Springs & the central part of the state. But I've also found some really great hides in North Louisiana.

Do you do paperless caching?

What kind of geocaching rig do you use?
Garmin 60CSx, Garmin Nuvi, as well as an iPhone.

Why would you recommend anyone else to take up geocaching?
I've often said, when explaining to others, that it's an awesome way to get out & see stuff I never would've seen. Just last week, not 5 miles from my house & a place I've driven by hundreds of times, I discovered some history that I never knew existed. That's what it's all about for me.

Where are you originally from?
Stuttgart, Arkansas

In what states have you geocached?
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Colorado, & Kansas.

What was your first event ever attended?
G.L.A.D. Eat & Greet (12-17-2009)

How many caches have you found?
As of today (10-21-13) 1,335

Which type of cache container do you prefer over the rest?
Any type that will get me to a place that I normally would have never gone to. I enjoy them all.

What was the most famous cache that you have found?
I'm unsure.

Do you use disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries?

Do you enjoy hiding or finding more as your part of the hobby?
I enjoy finding.

Do you have a personal goal in mind when you make a hide?
If I can get someone to an area or place they might have never been to, then that's my goal.

What is you favorite type of cache hide?
An ammo box or something that size. But they just don't stay around long, so I rarely hide them.

Out of all your hides, what are your personal favorites that you take pride in?
My three favorite caches I've ever hidden are ARKFIREMEDIC'S little FRIEND (GC2DHVG), Cathy's Road Cache (GC23VJD), and If These Walls Could Talk (GC248KN).

What do you think the proper hide to find ratio should be to keep the sport fresh?
I don't have an opinion here. As long as people keep hiding caches, I think the hobby will remain fun & fresh for all of us.
How did you end up getting into this wacky hobby?
In 2009 I was shopping online for a GPS to use while fishing, to mark fishing holes. In my search for the perfect GPS, I kept seeing the term "geocaching" on all the GPS descriptions. After reviewing a dozen or so sites, I simply asked the question on FaceBook "what is geocaching?" You can thank Arkfiremedic for the rest. If it weren't for him, I may have never found my first cache.
What's your favorite geocache?
The Tinman by LikesToCanoe! By far, my all time favorite!

If money was no object, where would you like to go geocaching?
On every coast on the planet. I love beaches & beach life, so I'm sure there are some really great beach side caches out there.

Do you like geocaching by yourself or in a group?
I enjoy going alone. But I also love having my family with me, as well as AFM & 2ter. So I guess to answer your question, I enjoy it either way.

How many First to Finds do you have?
I've lost count of my FTFs.

Are you a First to Find person who is always set on go and if so, how many miles out do you have your settings on to get notifications?
I'm not as big on them as I was when I first started. If I find one, YAY! If not, my feelings don't get hurt. Lately, I won't go out of my way for a FTF. Back in 2010, I'd go no matter the time of day or night. Not so much anymore.

Do you have any other hobbies besides geocaching? I enjoy scuba diving, spear fishing, camping, and fishing (from a boat).