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Mickey McGillicutty
07-15-2013, 02:32 PM
Welcome back Cache Fans! It's another episode of the McGillicutty Adventures. Milestone #5400!

Previous episodes include:

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GC30 - The Search for Mingo McGillicutty

This month's adventure:

GC485ZG - The Moncai at the End of the Universe

Mickey McGillicutty, for his time, is known as a bit of a dreamer. Always wondering what was beyond the horizon, whether it was the next cache or the next adventure. One could also say, he secretly hopes one day to meet little green men, whether they’re from Mars or from the hills of Tipperary. With that in mind, McGillicutty spent a few years at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, before relocating to the Allen Array in NM. Much like Ellie Arroway, he hoped that one day he'd hear a message from beyond.

One day in 2013, while scanning the night sky for evidence of life, McGillicutty happened upon a faint signal at 9610 GHz. Through all the static he thought he could barely make out sounds familiar to him. But they were far too weak to decipher. We have to boost the signal. Mr Fab5, to the S.W.A.G. machine (Sound Wave Amplification Generator)!! Pushing buttons, twisting dials, adjusting tuners, then finally, it became immediately clear... the screeching & howling of those mischievous Moncai of the Evil Monkey Kingdom?!

But how could this be? As you'll recall McGillicutty & IronHorse4 in the winter of 2012 had vanquished Magnus Simia Rex & toppled the Monkey Empire of Cabotonia. Yet somehow some of those cursed Simians must have escaped & found their way to a new home world somewhere across the cosmos. This cannot be endured! Even if it takes him across the known universe McGillicutty will vanquish every last remnant of those intolerable Moncai.

With their bearings in hand Fab5 & McGillicutty set off towards the source of the Simian signal. Thru the darkest recesses of the Kentoch Nebula, and the vast expanses of the Kimno Galaxy, we made our way to the Uhrichika Star System. Just on the outskirts of Uhrichika we entered an area of space littered with gas giants & geosynchronous asteroids. But where are the Moncai? Surely one of these rocks must be inhabitable.

As we scoured the "Goldilocks zone" of the system, our sensors indicated there were no 'Class M' planets in range, yet the signal had reached its peak intensity. Blast you Moncai! A re-transmitter station located on the largest asteroid! The only words visible on the surface (horribly weathered by radiation) looked to say "C.A.P.A.G.E. D.O.O.R." Capage? Apage? Apes? It must mean we're close, we can't give up now.

The relayed signal was terribly encrypted though, Mr Fab5, break out the McPhonenator! Invented by the great Marconi McGillicutty, the McPhonenator works much like the Babel Fish minus the "puff of logic". For what seemed like 7 1/2 million years, but in reality was only 42 minutes, the McPhonenator deciphered the true source of the Simian signal. Buried deep in the adjacent system on the 4th moon, of the gas giant (now named) Eximius Simia Terra, Fab5 & McGillicutty found the recently vacated outposts of the Simia Rex's Moncai Nation. FOILED... AGAIN! All this way to be waylaid by those wretched primates!

OK Fab5, I'm starving, where's a restaurant at the end of this universe. There's gotta be a Starbuck's or a Mickey's D! out here somewhere! They're EVERYWHERE! Disclaimer: Mickey's D! aka Mickey's Diner!, is a wholly owned subsidiary of McGillicutty Mgmt Inc, the largest distributor of McMalt Shakes & beverages and is the sole provider of McGrillicutty Market Fresh Meats. They are in NO way affiliated with the yellow & red clown who doles out "happy meals". After eliminating the closest competition with a series of shady coupon tactics, Mickey's D! has risen to 99.42% market share in the I.C.C. (Inter-galactic Culinary Consortium). They have become “The Restaurant in EVERY Universe” and are worth an estimated 42 quintillion in gold-pressed Latinum. President & CEO, The Grand Magus McGillicutty.

Stay tuned for the continuing misadventures of Mickey McGillicutty!

Mickey McGillicutty
07-18-2013, 10:09 AM
Inherit to all the "McGillicutty Adventures" (but not overtly stated) is "THIS IS AN AWESOME CACHE"! :cool:
So everyone should get off their duffs & go find it! KnK put out another EXCELLENT I.C. Series cache! :D
The "episode" is written with the basic framework of how the actual cache is laid out & has some mirrored clues.

Side note: I'm back in AR & staying with a friend in Cabot should anyone want a cache guide or just go caching in general.

07-20-2013, 06:38 AM

07-23-2013, 06:32 PM
That wasn't exactly how I remembered it. But real close!!!:D:cool::p

I highly recommend the Cache in question. GC485ZG