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01-13-2013, 07:20 PM
I recently became aware of some information that might be useful if you decide to host a CITO event in your area. Several cities in Arkansas have affiliates of Keep America Beautiful. The attached document lists those affiliates and the contact information for each.

If you are considering hosting a CITO event, please contact your local affiliate (if your city has one) and coordinate your cleanup activity with them. This will help avoid any conflicts with activities that they may already have scheduled. They also may be able to help with cleanup supplies and logistics, like trash removal after the CITO has concluded. If you submit a CITO event for publishing, be sure to include a note that you have contacted your local affiliate (if any) and are coordinating your CITO with them. Otherwise, I will ask you to do so before I publish it! Again, this is to avoid conflicts with already scheduled community cleanups. Also, it will help to establish a good working relationship with your local affiliate.

A CITO event may be part of a larger, existing public cleanup event. However, if part of an existing public cleanup, there will need to be a specific area or set of tasks assigned to the geocachers for which they are solely responsible. In other words, a portion or section of the larger event must be designated to be by geocachers for geocachers.

Additionally, each CITO event that gets published must have the following:

A specific geocacher identified as a contact person
A specific start and end time for geocachers to do the CITO
A specific location for geocachers to gather, exchange trackables, etc. (and then possibly disperse according to the CITO tasks)

01-13-2013, 07:39 PM
Thanks for this information chuck!

Next question I have. Does this new process only include those affiliates listed? If there is no local affiliate, does this approval not apply?

I just want to make everyone aware of all the details of this new approval system, to make getting them published an easier endeavor.

01-14-2013, 08:06 PM
There is actually no "new" approval system for CITOs. I am only trying to communicate to the Arkansas geocaching community that there are local organizations which will be able to help cacher out if they are planning a CITO. I encourage coordination and cooperation with these organizations since they are already in operation and exist to sponsor public cleanups, and we, as geocachers, should work with them to achieve our common goals. They will welcome our help and I am sure they can provide support and resources.

If there is no affiliate, then one should just work with the local city parks department, state park, national forest office, or other land manager for the area with the CITO is to occur. This means that one should coordinate with them, get their approval, and work out details like who will supply cleanup supplies and who will be responsible for trash removal.

The last two paragraphs of my posting apply to any CITO. This is just required information and will help expedite publication.

-- CW

01-14-2013, 08:27 PM
Thanks for the heads up. Going through these affiliates or the city parks, or whoever, would do nothing but promote Geocaching and Geocachers as the great group of people we are. I think it would be good for the public image of us as Geocachers as well. Seems like a good idea to do this for sure.

once again, thanks for this information.